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  1. Thanks for the pointer to the correct forum. I'll have a look. FYI, non of the clipped shows has been edited, all are straight transfers. I've read many of your posts to this forum and really appreciate you committing the time to help the rest of us.
  2. Hi all I'm new to this forum and really hope that someone out there can assist this this problem. I have searched everywhere and cannot find any reference to this issue. I am using Toast 11 (11.2) to transfer shows from my Tivo 3 to a Macbook Air (10.8.2) then using the Toast converter to change the files into MP4 and add to iTunes for streaming on AppleTV. Surprisingly, it works well for some items, but for others, the conversion process will stop at varying intervals before converting the whole show. It does not seem to have any pattern or be related any particular broadcaster. For example, Parenthood comes into TiVo Transfer at 1:28 but the duration after conversion is 56:46. Another show had a duratiopn of 0:58 and converted at 4 minutes something. Anyone having similar problems or got an idea of how to resolve this? I'm trying to get a Christmas present to my partner working so needs to be resolved quickly!