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    Roxio Easy Lp To Mp3

    Hello again, Sorry I took so long to get back, I have had problems trying to log into this forum. UPDATE I have tried everything that was suggested, non of it worked. I took the application back to the retailer and got a full refund. I have finally received a reply from Emeriza @ Corel. He is following a script and doesn't really give a fig that the application is crap from a crap company. I now find that when I look at any software, the first thing I do is to see if Corel have bought and ruined the maker. I am now using an application from HRC called Golden Records Vinyl to CD Convertor. It plugs straight into the microphone socket but, most importantly, IT WORKS So thanks for your help and goodbye.
  2. English Tony

    Roxio Easy Lp To Mp3

    Thanks so far Guys. This could take me some time to achieve. Will get back later.
  3. English Tony

    Roxio Easy Lp To Mp3

    I have found out what DPI is and the setting suits my eyes. Have upgraded the graphics included Hydravision. Had a blue screen experiance, everything seems OK but there's no change with the application. system specs 2.txt
  4. English Tony

    Roxio Easy Lp To Mp3

    OK. The Graphics chip I can manage. How do I reset the user DPI setting?
  5. English Tony

    Roxio Easy Lp To Mp3

    When I plugged in the device, Windows installed drivers
  6. English Tony

    Roxio Easy Lp To Mp3

    OK. I have uninstalled the drivers and software with the device installed. I have restarted the system and re-installed the software with the device unplugged. I have plugged in the device. NO CHANGE The drop down boxes responded thus; HOME The Welcome screen opened - OK Applicaton window opened - OK Applications and Utilities - nothing Resources window opens - OK AUDIO Audio Guide opens - OK Audio CD opens - OK Juke box Disc opens - OK Tag Editor - nothing Convert LPs/TAPEs - nothing Sound Editor - nothing TOOLS Window opens - OK all sub folders are responding Can you suggest anything else, apart from jumping up and down on the installation disc? System Specs.txt
  7. I bought this gismo specifically to transfer audio tapes to my computor. When I open the application, I am unable to open Tag Editor, Convet LP and Tapes or Sound Editor. Basicaly it don't work. I contacted the fabulous Coral on the 4th Jan. The web-site says 'we are investigating' (has any one ever had a reply from Coral?) Any ideas why tis does not work?