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  1. My Photoshow extends to 2023, but it is inoperable due to Roxio pulling the plug on Adobe flash player. My guess is that this is due to a dispute with Adobe. What can I do with inoperable Photoshow?
  2. I need to convert files downloaded in .mp3 to .m4a. Surely there is a Roxio program which will help me do this, isn't there?
  3. joelwendell

    Archiving Roxio Photoshow

    All things considered, my perception that I needed Photoshow 5 to archive non-audio, non-captioned images from my Roxio Photoshow (6, for example), is wrong. Just move over in opened Roxio Photoshow to right side and click. That nullifies audio and everything but the image you have edited. Then you can move around the images into the order you wish, and make a new Photoshow out of your slides. PS: All the bells and whistles Roxio includes are unnecessary, and in fact a distraction. Is this all about the slides you have taken or the Roxio mussic,captions, etc? I vote for the first. Keep it simple, which fortunately Roxio Photoshow makes possible.
  4. joelwendell

    Archiving Roxio Photoshow

    I thought it necessary to ask Roxio for Photoshow 5 in able to archive silent Roxio images, but it is not show. Already downloaded Roxio Photoshows can be easily archived for storage by just moving to the right side of the Roxio Photoshow file and clicking there. This stops all Roxio bells and whistles, meaning the move cancels all audio and graphic software and preserves just the image for storage (and later possible use in another configuration).