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    "select Video Device Failed"

    Managed to fix the problem by doing an upgrade install of Windows 7 over itself, thereby reinstalling DirectX. This also allowed me to keep all my documents and programs in order, as I did not do a full reinstall. I'd suggest that you tell anyone in future that this is the only way to fix the issue, and it is not too complex, taking around 30-45 minutes.
  2. Thoob

    "select Video Device Failed"

    There is no way to uninstall DirectX 9, and the repair install didn't help. I really don't want to reinstall Windows, although I'm fearing that's the only option here.
  3. Thoob

    "select Video Device Failed"

    Here is a screenshot for reference.
  4. Thoob

    "select Video Device Failed"

    I don't run any registry cleaner, I only use MSE as an anti-virus. I think it may be that I installed an old game recently that uses DirectX 9, which is apparently what Roxio software uses. My thinking is that this is conflicting with the version of DX that Roxio needs, which is also why the Aero theme is disabled when Capture is launched. Is there any way to get around this without a Windows reinstall? I use a PS3, and yes it is the same console on both PCs.
  5. Thoob

    "select Video Device Failed"

    I can also add that the GameCap works fine on another PC, and that restoring my PC to when the GameCap worked did not fix the issue.
  6. Up until today my Roxio GameCap HD Pro has been working flawlessly, but now it shows this error message every time I open the capture window. I have not changed any of my setup from when it was working: cables, software, etc. are all exactly the same as when it worked. I have already tried reinstalling the Roxio software, this didn't make any difference. Can anyone help?