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  1. Just wanted to inform that I followed absolutely every instruction re installation of this product, read all the forum discussions and suggestions re various problems encountered by others. My computer is totally up to date on drivers, etc and meets all the specs. I encountered several problems, crashing, video hanging, not able to burn, and these problems occurred separately after repairing, re-installing, etc. In the end, and after a frustrating week, and several discs that were rendered unusable, I have followed a process that might help others. I copy the VHS video ONLY to my external hard drive using Roxio. I downloaded a completely different product to do the editing (easily found on the net using search for "VHS to DVD freeware") after I have copied the video to my external hard drive. I downloaded a different freeware product (also easily found via a Google search) for burning of the DVDs. I FINALLY have this mastered, but it took a great deal of time and effort. However, that being said, I am just happy that I am able to get all of these VHS videos on DVD. I am not sure what the problem was for me and for many of the users who have posted on these forums. I just know something did not work well or easily with this product, even for fairly savvy technos, even though it worked well for many.