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  1. Sorry, I didn't start a new thread because I was having a problem that sounded just like the opening post (and title of the thread). When I tried to open the program, it would just get stuck at that opening blue screen and would never progress. However, I found a funny, and easy, fix last night. I just unplugged the USB device while it was stuck on that screen. It gave me a little error message, but after that the program seems to open just fine now. It's almost like it was getting hung up on trying to detect the USB device or something (I'm no tech guy). Anyway, problem solved on my end. Thanks for the response, though!!
  2. So...is there a real fix for this that doesn't require that I potentially harm my system by deleting registry items? I'm kind of getting frustrated with this problem, too (where, even after multiple re-installs the program just stops at the opening label screen), and am considering just returning it and finding a different product that at least lets me see its interface. If it helps, I'm using an hp Pavilion dv6, running Windows 7 Home Premium sp1, and have 83 gigs of free memory (6 gigs RAM, and 64-bit operating system). The above posts were kind of confusing to me (a lot because of the grammar), but I didn't see any real fixes. Am I just screwed here? I appreciate any insight...