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  1. What I'm saying is the preview window moves so slowly that I can't even tell what is happening in the video to edit it.
  2. I know thanks for your concern.
  3. in my video this is what playback looks like. When watching the same video in windows media player it runs perfect don't know why it looks screwed up in my youtube vid must be my screen capture frame rate. Anyway you see the options say 30fps for cpu and 25 and something else, no option for 50.94fps
  4. When trying to edit in videowave the preview playback is all distorted and i can't tell what is going on. Is there a way to preview in 60fps or record at 30fps?
  5. Garage Grunge

    No Signal When Playing In 1080P

    I wasn't arguing anything jim. Did you read my origininal post? What are you asking me to try? I have already tried it and told you that when playing in 1080p on my tv I get no signal on my pc, but when playing in 720p on my tv it works.
  6. Garage Grunge

    No Signal When Playing In 1080P

    Why does it matter what my pc's resolution is if i want to capture in 720p and play on my tv in 1080p?
  7. Garage Grunge

    No Signal When Playing In 1080P

    The software records and works properly when my xbox display is set to 720p. when I change my xbox output to 1080p i can play but get the no signal in the roxio capture software. Also note that I am using component cables from xbox to roxio and from roxio to tv. My tv is natively 1080p so I dont want to play in 720 is this not possible with component or something? Also wanted to note that my laptops screen resolution is 1366x 768
  8. LogFile 13-01-16 00-10.zip I just got my new roxio game capture hd pro and popped in the installation disc and when it gets to the part where it installs directx it says installation interrupted. Can someone please help me? I have windows 7 64 bit.
  9. Garage Grunge

    Can My Laptop Run It?

    see post 2...any help?
  10. Garage Grunge

    Can My Laptop Run It?

    I'm interested in buying one also. I am in no way computer savvy, but have read the system requirements. It calls for a dualcore processor. Here are my specs, if anyone could let me know if It would work for me would be much appreciated. I assume the requirements are for 1080p. I was wondering if I could record at a lower resolution for it to work on my laptop. Any help would be much appreciated. Acer Aspire 5517 AMD Athlon Processor tf-20 1.60ghz 3GB ram 64bit