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    Android Player?

    Well, the Roxio MediaBook player is an *.epub player. That is ebook version 3 player, not a video player or facebook app. So I have to contact Roxio to ask them for Android support. Thank You!
  2. Sweedie

    Android Player?

    Sorry, I thougt this forum was watched by Roxio developer team. I will try to contact them in another way. Thank you!
  3. Sweedie

    Android Player?

    I am new to the MediaBook and have tried it out on Win8 only. It works OK as it is supposed to. Since I like to share my books on the Android platform too, I wonder: will there be a player for Android soon? Android is bigger than iOS and Win8 together, so I suppose it is a good idea for Roxio to publish a Android player quick