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    Xsplit Live Stream Error! -

    Hi, when I try connect stream to xsplit just gives me error =_=, Xsplit works 720p when i live stream pc, but when i use the software by roxio it lags like 24/7! -> HOW can i get XSPLIT TO WORK WITH ROXIO, i feel like i purchase wrong cap system now.
  2. I just got my Roxio HD Game capture, I already did the following 1) Instal the Software, So do get capture / rec / edit software -> I have windows 7, 64 Bit. ( INSTEAD of going to audio / video / section ) Goes to other devices and says " TransCoder " ----------- It fails to instal every time HELP!
  3. rocky1241rock

    Usb Drivers Not Installing!

    LOL, sorry guys i just found out why its not working. SOLVED! - I used my old cd's for roxio game cap, NOT HD ONE!
  4. rocky1241rock

    Usb Drivers Not Installing!

    That is what am getting as an error, I did this steps. 1. Instal the editing software / roxio game capture software 2. Re-start computer 3. Started roxio software 4. Plug-in -> That is when i get error =_=