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    Cd Spin Doctor 10 Is Junk

  2. skrface421

    No Gain

    Dam thanks just found it To show advanced mastering features: Launch Toast Choose Preferences from the Toast Titanium menu. Click on the Audio & Video tab. Enable Show advanced audio mastering settings and close the Preferences window.
  3. skrface421

    No Gain

    I had to reinstall Tiger after that all third party apps. now I don't have a gain column ( When burning a cd) after the reinstall of Toast 8.0.4 any ideas. Running on first gen Mac Min Intel thanks for the help in advance Rodney
  4. skrface421

    Roxio Toast 8 / Spin Doctor frustrations..!

    It never work for me ether. Have tried Audacity a while back it was better than Spin doc and is free and should be much improved by now. If you what to drop some zort cheek out rogue amoeba or Amadeus both are try before you buy. I got a great deal on Peak le at Com Usa when they closed in Chicago it is rock solid but more on the expensive side and more than I will ever need. The Doc is sick and all ways will be sick as you can see from many posts on this site
  5. skrface421

    CD Spin Doctor trashes tracks exporting them to Toast

    Jhon Spin Doctor has never work for me ether on a Intel ( Mini ) so I tryed and bought peak le(over kill for what I need BUT ROCK SOLID). If you look back I posted crash results and was told it was Apples code. That is what freshburn said. I came back here after the release of the new update to see if it SD was fixed but if it works for you i guess it will never be fixed. Are you running a Intel becaus it seens most or all SD complaints come from us Would like to ues the wiget Rodney
  6. skrface421

    Crash results

    Tsantee the 500 is Roixo witch is toast so that could not be it See freshburn is right it is Apple. Called Steve and he said keep uesing Audacity and Nero because they just work,and quite well I mite add.Taking down crash results
  7. skrface421

    Crash results

    Here is the crash results for Spin DR. http://www.box.net/public/yq51ay9coo they will be up for a week. Audacity and Nero work well enough for me. No more Roixo Toast Stomp Sonic or any partners. The apple has crashed more in 2 weeks than my PC has in the last 6 months. Not worth the agravation Good luck and Good Bye Rodney
  8. skrface421

    Failure to Toast EyeTV content

    If you are running ver. 7.2 in Toast If possable I would go back to ver 7.1 of Toast 7.2 gave me errors in burning allso witch did not happen befor in 7.1 Good luck you will need it
  9. skrface421

    Going back

    You know I am passed the 15 days for a refund.Is possable for a pice of software to dissable hardwear on a mac I know on a pc it is.but this is Toast so it must be Apples falt how can we blame Apple for spin Dr.and Deja Vu not working ?Shuld be possable becuase it could not be Toast. When did you get a Intel Mac? because if you had one I dont think your Toast would tast so good no mater how much sugar you put on it.Yes I did try itunes idvd to burn and they work fine.I did a reinstall up to 7.1and now the activity monitor says they are intel apps both Toast and the sick Dr.Waite I will bet it is Apples falt for that to. Do yourself and every body else a favor and get a Intel. then you can report from the front lines. This app is a close second to NTI witch was toatal trash 3 years ago and for what I read still is.The sad thing about this no mater how much I come here wont make it work as advertiesed I can see that now and there is no other alternative witch is Apples Falt you have no idea how much i wanted this app to work
  10. skrface421

    Going back

    This is the the best fun I have had in a long time after updateing to 7.2 this is what I get when burning a data disk The drive reported an error: Sense Key=HARDWARE ERROR Sense Code=0+03 And Disk DR. is sick allso going back to 7.1 or I think back to PC and NERO what junk is there any way i can get my money back?
  11. skrface421

    How can I edit a track?

    If you look under edit you will see cut copy paste and delete what are they for and what does track mode do?
  12. skrface421

    How can I edit a track?

    I see you like your toast with lots of sugar.
  13. skrface421

    How can I edit a track?

    All of it is made by Roxio This is from Deep Sea software site. * Statement pertains to audio input devices that are fully compatible with CoreAudio. ** Only presets supported by your audio input device will appear in the list of presets. *** CD Spin Doctor® 2 currently only supports Mach-O based VST plugins "CD Spin Doctor®" trademark is owned by Roxio, Inc. and is used with permission. CD Spin Doctor® 2 application is owned by Roxio, Inc. The "Noise Reducer" and "Sound Enhancer" audio effects licensed from Algorithmix VST plugin technology by Steinberg, used under license. And from my expreance there is no may and it will be well after the universal version of Spin Doctor
  14. skrface421

    The DR. is still sick

    Spin Dr. still does not work on my mini Intel( 7.2) basicly the same as befor but now it crashes befor I am done recording. play back is the same some times it works and most of the time it does not. I enabled play though speakers on the mini and it sounds like it is starting and stoping sounds terrible.When it asks if you want to try and reclaim files after a crash some times you get the last one you did or as far back 2 or 3 befor.Allso in help I typed in (track mode) and (cut) and came up with nothing this is a very poor update at best I feel like a beta tester. I have not tryed to cut anything into tracks for obvious reasons. And yes for me it did lunch befor the universal. Deja Vu now seems enabled dont think I will try it today.Found out about the universal when i was out shopping was looking forward to uesing Spin DR. what a dissapointment . How long do I have to waite for the next update? and do you have any other software I can pay 70$ for that I can beta test? Rodney
  15. skrface421

    Disc Gallery

    Thanks Rodney