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    Stuttering Music

    I thought perhaps the PhotoShow Desktop application might solve the small glitches I am encountering with my first show. It's free with Premium membrship, right? But it works only on PC platform? Why then, must a Mac user pay the same price when not all features are available?
  2. Beth Benjamin

    Stuttering Music

    I have created a show that includes 4 songs from my itunes library. When I play the entire completed show, the music "stutters" in places (not always the SAME places). It's like music from an old 78 record with scratches. Is there a way to smooth the music out? I have tried reloading the muic -- no help.
  3. Beth Benjamin

    Stuttering Music

    I am a Mac OS.10.6.8 user. I just created my first photo show and LOVE many features that I was able to incorporate. However, rather than posting the show online, I would like to save to my desktop or a CD. How? If I burn to CD, will it play on someone else's computer without Roxio software?