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  1. I have been using VW for some time, and have always been able to select a transition and apply it to a single video panel... Now, when I select Add Transition, I get a box that says there are no items to show for this view... If I select Apply Transition Theme, I see a box with the themes, but the only thing I can do is apply the theme to all panels in the production... 2 images attached... All help appreciated.... Thanks, vince g.
  2. This issue was fixed by Corel Support by upgrading the DivX code... Support came via a Team Meeting connection, and I'm back in business... Thanks to all..... vince g
  3. New, but learning fast.... I have a segment that contains a still photo as a background and a video overlay in the foreground. I would like to zoom out the background photo, but complete the zoom after 6 seconds, and then have the photo remain at that zoom level for 30 more seconds, while the video plays in the foreground.... I'm guessing that key frames are the way to do this, but I have not been able to find how to place a key frame in a photo in the Pan & Zoom Editor, either in the basic or advanced option. Any help? Thanks, vince g.
  4. I have the same problem described in posts about "VideoWave has stopped working...." Did the Windows version of Repair & Reinstall twice - no change. Received this from Corel Support on a FB IM.... "Hello Vince, There is! We have a tool for situations in which something has damaged the Roxio registry entries badly enough that the uninstaller will not work; you can find a link to the removal tool and instructions on how to use it here: http://corel.force.com/roxio/articles/en_US/Master_Article/000012510-Complete-uninstall-instructions-for-Creator-2011-2012 Adam, Corel Support" Ran this, and still have the same problem. Tried an uninstall and that failed, as well.... At wit's end. The product (VideoWave) is the best tool for what I do, and without it, I'm back to Vegas Movie Studio, which is clumsy as hell. HELP, please....
  5. Just did a repair from the CD.... same issue.... Everything works, including dragging videos and photos from the file manager..... Fail occurs using the "Add video/photo" option from "Add Content".....
  6. Having similar problem..... Application goes into "...not responding..." mode when trying to add video or images. Happens with new projects and with old projects opened. Everything else works except "Add Photo/Video" Looked at Task Manager in Services area and found "Roxio SAIB Service" was stopped, as well as Roxio Hard Drive Manager 12. I have no idea what these services do.... Have made 100's of vids with Rox12, without the first issue, up til now. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, vinceg
  7. Walt, Many thanks for the quick response. Thee's a lot hidden under the covers with this product. I appreciate the help. vinceg
  8. Is it possible to have more than 2 overlay channels for photos/video in a production? I want to "stack" images, overlaying the last one a bit, but leaving all at least partially visible. Haven't been able to force a 3rd ovl channel to appear. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, vinceg
  9. A bit of a noob.... We have a promo video just about done and would like to place a link in the last frame inviting the viewer to click it to open a YouTube video. Have looked thru every line in the index for related info, but no luck. Any help is much appreciated.... Thanks, vinceg
  10. Couldn't wait til tomorrow. Tried it tonight and it works like a charm. Many thanks for your help. Will send a link to the project when it's done. vinceg
  11. Thanks, again.... Will give this a try tomorrow, and report back. vince g
  12. I was told in the Creator NXT Sales forum that pic in pic has existed in Roxio & Corel products for several versions. I haven't been able to insert a second video into a Creator 2012/Videowave project as a video inside a video for the past 4 days. If anyone can point me to the right doc for this, you have my thanks. vince g
  13. Walt... Thanks for the quick reply.... Is PIP a feature in Roxio Creator 2012 in VideoWave? I have been trying to insert a second video for several days' with no luck. Thanks again.... vinceg
  14. After chatting with Jennifer P. for 20 minutes about this, I was directed to this forum (I hope I am in the right one)... I am looking to create a video for an instruction series, which would present an actor in a large window (800 x 600, e,g,) performing the activity being taught, with a small window (320 x 240?), open in a corner, presenting a narrator telling us what the actor is doing. This could be done with a simple voice-over, but I want to show the narrator actually doing one or two of the things in detail that are being done in the larger segment. I was told by Jennifer P. that Creator NXT is said to have this capability, but was also directed to look at Corel VideoStudioUltimate X6. If someone could let me know which of these products has this feature (Roxio would be my preference), I would appreciate it. Thanks, vinceg
  15. New to VideoWave, but learning..... I would like to insert stills and/or video segments as overlays to a "How To..." video, and zoom them up for focus and highlights. I figured out how to Pan & Zoom on the main Video, but have not been able to find the Pan & Zoom tool for the Overlays. Is it possible...? Any help will be appreciated... vinceg