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    How To Record Pc Gameplay With Hd Pro? ( Setup)?

    This is an old thread, but for future reference... Open up Audacity (It's Free!) Begin recording voice in audacity (make sure its working, mics not muted etc...) Begin recording game of choice. IN THE GAME, open up a menu (such as xbox 360 guide on the xbox or a game pause menu, and scroll through the different options, saying a number whilst doing it. Later on, match the audio up with the gameplay, then trim off the unwanted footage and audio of you syncing the commentary and video. Hope this helped somebody!
  2. UndeadKieran

    How To Fix Background Audio Buzzing!

    Hi, I'm having some problems with my HD PRO, getting buzzing background noise over HDMI, havent tried component. PC is: AMD FX4100 3.6ghz ATI 6770 8GB RAM The problem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prFfX6XeBmM YOU NEED TO TURN IT ALL THE WAY UP AS IT IS ACTUALLY LOUDER
  3. UndeadKieran

    How To Fix Background Audio Buzzing!

    Hello! A bit back I posted a thread asking for help with a problem I've been having with my HD Pro. Basically, I was getting a high pitched buzzing in the background of the video, it was about a quarter to half the volume of the actual game audio. I tried some of the suggestions of the help thread, but no avail. So, after a bit of a break from recording, I tired something out, and it worked! So: In the capture software (cant upload pics right now, so I'll Gyazo): http://gyazo.com/2351963ca351f362de0d552ef54c374b Turn the capture Audio all the way up, and capture. In Avidemux: http://gyazo.com/c27272c185716c7f0c6064e3843b24eb Convert to MPF to make it work in Sony Vegas. Finally, in Sony Vegas (or as demonstrated here, in Windows Media Player) http://gyazo.com/415f92106f8ae6c4819cbddf63cc0b30 Set the Audio to about 10%, this will cancel out the buzzing but you will still be able to hear the gameplay audio! Thanks for reading, and if an Admin could sticky this, that'd be great!
  4. UndeadKieran

    How To Fix Background Audio Buzzing!

    Oh, that makes sense I guess, what would you suggest doing? Is it the further away the better or will the cables just pick it up? becuase i can seperate it through a few shelves and if its short clips i can muffle my xbox...