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  1. I'm not sure where we are going with this but i did open my Antivirus program and I dont see anything that say Registry Cleaner! in anything that i open'd up but then again I'm not sure where to look in there.
  2. I not what you are saying?? you think my AntiVirus is the culprit?? I running Norton 2013. I am just novice and don't understand what my AntiVirus would be doing to this progam? I thought it just scan'd what was coming in from the internet not sure what to look for and not sure how to turn off? If i turn off the Antivirus wont that leave me unprotected when im on the internet??
  3. Yes Sir as i state'd it will play in my pc. But what i dont understand is why the software works when i repair it with the disc that came in the box? when i do this it dosen't seem to matter what disc i use it will burn to it "right after" i do this repair, i've used two differnet disc and both burn after a repair, is there a software issue (corruption??) do you think ?????
  4. I just Burned a video to a (Verbatim DVD-R made in Taiwan ) and it went great so I open up the file in the upper left had corner of the home page scrolled down and clicked on the new project file, the next screen said it was the record,import,edit page, I then went down to the import video and click on it, which it took me to the video's that i recorded early and then i click on the video i wanted to import and then click open file, and then import after seeing the video i had imported, i then went down to the lower right hand corner found the Blue Arrow and click to export it, i then put a check mark by the ADD MENU, selected my DVD Burner the one i just made a successfully DVD from, i put a DVD in the cpu drive and click burn! It got done and told me it was successful. The first DVD work fine in my Blu-Ray, and a DVD player i have hook up on another tv!! but the second one dosen"t it say's it cant read on the Blu-Ray, also tryed it in our DVD player on the other tv and got a dics error. This has happen before, and the only way i can get this software to work is if i do a repair using the disc that came in the Roxio Box.
  5. Sknis I use sony (accucore)dvd-r ver.2.1/1x-16x and have tryed differnt minutes the last burn i tryed is on 20 minutes.
  6. yes, it will play in my windows 7 media player.
  7. I too have issue on play backs, I bought the EASY vhs to dvd3plus, going step by step per instruction for RECORD,EDIT and SAVE, I'm using DVD-R 120min/4.7GB by sony DVD's, my first project went as insturctions said it would:) I put it in our Blu-Rayplayer and watch it i also took it to our xmas party at nice's house and watch it on their DVD player. Then the next day I did the same as the day before Record video from vcr to computer and the burned it to a DVD -R 120mm/4.7gb it finshed and said it was "successful", I thought I had another video on DVD but when i put it in my same Blu-Ray that I used for my first video to my surprise the blu-ray said it could not read dvd tryed burning another one and same thing came up on blu-ray. WHY? HELP!!
  8. i have captured my video and imported it and then exported it and burned it to a dvd - R but it will not play in my blu ray or my dvd player, the first video i did work great but not the next and i did it the same way WHY is this happing?? confused