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  1. Under details, there are only 3 entries: Bit rate 1531kbps, Channels 2 (stereo) and Audio sample rate 48kHz. Now what? THANKS.
  2. My husband bought a Sony 4k camcorder. We import the 4k/MP4 files and they play great on the PC. I decided to pull these files into Videowave, insert transitions and save the file. In playback preview it looks great but the audio is pure noise/static. Any idea what is happening to the audio? I uploaded the MP4 file into YouTube and it plays fine, just like when I view it on the PC. However, when trying to create a movie, etc., in Videowave the sound is pure static. Thank you for any help you can provide. I'm almost bald from pulling out my hair. Window 8.1 Roxio Creator NXT Pro 2
  3. Still no luck. I have not yet bought better DVDs to burn to. Recommended brands? I think this weekend I am going to start from scratch as it doesn't take that long anyway, and see if there was just a flaw somewhere as I made Jazz 1 AVCHD DVD, and then inserted the new files and text in the same production for Jazz 2 and 3 and "saved as", so it is in both files. Thanks for your suggestions.
  4. Yes, we are making AVCHD DVDs. We are creating the ISO file at the same time as burning the disc (that is a default setting, I think). We then pull out the burned AVCHD disc and play in the TV, and the sounds begins for the first song, and then sound suddenly stops and the video continues on in silence. It is a 30 minute high school jazz program. At about 6 minutes, sound disappears. This happens on three other, different, high school band DVD AVCHD video productions that I have created. The productions play fine on the PC, but they have the same sound issue when played on TV. I have made other AVCHD DVD productions that play fine, with sound, on the PC and on the TV. Maybe it is the cheap media - memorex I think they are. I will try the setting change tonight.
  5. I created a production in videowave that plays on the PC flawlessly. The mt2s files used in the production are from a Sony HD camcorder. When we burn the DVD and play on the TV, one jazz performance plays with sound and then suddenly the sound cuts out for the remainder of the DVD. This has occurred on 3 different jazz productions/DVDs that we have created. I have, however, successfully created HD productions that play flawlessly on the PC and on the TV as well with the same software and file types. Seems to me it is a burn issue? Suggestion? I am thinking of taking the ISO file onto a thumb drive and burning on my old Dell PC, running windows XP. My current PC is an HP with windows 8.1. I use Creator NXT. Thank you for your time.
  6. I do plan to purchase the 8.5 GB dual layer discs in the near future, I am very excited to learn about those, and my burner supports them, but they appear to be very expensive. For now, I did as you previously wrote and bought some RWs. (What a great idea, we've re-burned to them a few times already.) So I should burn the HD video file or image, and then burn it to the current 4.7 standard disc using HQ or SP? This will fit it on the disc, and you expect the outcome to be clearer? The sd version burned beautifully, no problem. The hd version was too big, and thus created those horizontal lines. I/we greatly appreciate you sharing your expertise.
  7. How, then, do I burn this movie? And I'll note never to use fit to disc - how do I avoid that from happening? Thanks again.
  8. The movie is about 65 minutes long. When I burned the movie, I used whatever defaults are set in MyDVD. I'm wondering if I should slow the down burn speed. Currently I think it is burning at the fastest speed available. The actual m2ts file is very clear, the movie production is very clear, yet the burned AVCHD production has like vertical lines across the screen the closer you get to the screen. From the back of the room, it looks fine.
  9. As mentioned before, the sd and AVCHD files play beautiful and clear in VideoWave. I just attempted to burn the ISO AVCHD file using Burn from Disc again, however this time, instead of using the screen information and hitting the green arrow signaling to start burning, when the little burner with CD icon came up, I typed in the name of the video and inserted the AVCHD file, selected the flame AND IT BURNED! It is currently playing in our blu ray player. However, a new problem has arose. There are grainy lines through it. What now?
  10. Walt: Length: from Windows Explorer view, the AVCHD project ISO image file is 4,384,704 KB. When in MyDVD, the usage bar shows 4501.9 MB. Burn: To burn the image file, I went to Roxio Creator NTX, Home, Burn Disc Image, it shows the ISO image file I want to burn on the left, and copy to information on the right which reads: HL-DT-ST-DVD+-RW DL (H:) and beneath that is reads "DVD-R, blank media". It pops the disc back out. I have also tried burning the movie production file (not image file) directly from MyDVD using "burn to disc". It tells me the drive is empty, capacity of current disc 0.0 Mb, estimate size of project 4501.9 MB. I do not know what VLC video player is. I just know enough about this stuff to be dangerous and know that somehow, it can get done. We have burned straight videos a lot, but I'm very new to creating movie productions. My burner is on a Dell Dimension E510. It is a combo. DVD R/RW and CD Jim: Yes, the structure is identical to what you have shown above. We only have -Rs, will pick up a few RWs today. Suggested brand? The reason I changed from m2ts to MPEG2 is that once I had created the movie production in VideoWave, it was horribly choppy. I tried all of the fixes for choppy video recommended by Roxio, and it was still choppy (audio was fine, but image was choppy and behind audio). I thought maybe converting from m2ts to MPEG2 might make resolve the issue, and surprisingly it did.
  11. I videotaped a play with Sony HD camcorder. Converted Sony m2ts files to MPEG2 file and used the MPEG2 file as the basis of the video in Videowave. I added overlays, special affects, scrolling credits. Saved the movie production. I then output the movie production to MyDVD as AVCHD. The production looks beautiful when played in Videowave or MyDVD. I saved the image file as I want to make many copies. I also burned one immediately to a DVD, but our bluray player will not load the file. When I put the DVD into my Dell laptop, or my Dell workstation, it doesn't recognize the DVD. What might I be doing wrong? These same memorex DVDs are recognized when I burn a plain video file to them, the problem appears when I try to burn a movie production. Thanks for anyone's consideration and experience.
  12. I've added overlays to a production I'm creating in VIdeowave. I decided against using the first overlay and it seems I cannot remove it, I just turn the button to "red" instead of "blue". Is that true? Can you remove an overlay or anything else from the production editor once you've put it in there?
  13. Festive

    Dvd Will Not Play In Dvd Player

    WOW. Your suggestion to use myDVD worked. Thank you for your guidance!
  14. I'm using windows XP service pack 3. I want to create a DVD that is playable on any DVD player. Using Roxio Creator NXT Video Copy & Convert (Used Convert tab) I added source files created from a Sony camcorder (.m2ts), and chose output as DVD the first time, and then Video the second time. The output both times was a VCPF file which will not play in a DVD player. What am I doing wrong? I want to convert these files so they can be played on any DVD player. I can't find this issue addressed anywhere and the help files and pdf's don't seem to help me. Thank you.