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  1. Lennox

    Still No Live Commentary!?! Roxio Come On!

    lol... Now I'm having buyer's remorse for purchasing the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro... I should've bought the Elgato because they added a live commentary update months ago. Roxio, get on their level and make me proud to have purchased a Roxio Game Capture HD Pro so my buyer's remorse can go away!
  2. I already know this but thanks for the advice anyways. I'm just having trouble getting the mic at the right volume levels for commentaries. My gameplay seems to just over power my commentary and I'm trying to get my commentary louder than the gameplay without making my gameplay audio too low. I searched youtube videos about the blue yeti microphone but no one says what volume levels (microphone gain, computer's master volume, and microphone monitoring volumes) they set their mic to.
  3. I know this is a noob kind of question (I am a noob at this) but I was wondering if any of you know good volume settings to put the TV, microphone, and computer at when recording videos for youtube? I know all of these things have differing volume levels accross brands but here's what I'm working with just incase any of you are using the same/similar products (as they are common amoung the gaming community on youtube). I have a Samsung series 5 1080p HDTV and a blue yeti microphone. Any of you have the same/similar products, please tell me what volume settings you put the mic and TV at. Also for the blue yeti mic, what gain setting do you have it on?
  4. Lennox

    Still No Live Commentary!?! Roxio Come On!

    Yeah, Jim, lol Sorry about that... BUT if the people over at Roxio HQ NEVER read this forum AND there seems to be no forum staff members here to answer our questions/problems, how are they ever going to know about the other problems to fix in updates and such?
  5. Thanks a lot for your help! I solved the green line issue, it was this http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/86411-green-line-at-the-bottom-of-screen-and-not-hd/page__hl__%20green%20%20line . All I had to do was go to youtube and upload the video there instead of through videowave and the green line is gone!
  6. Lennox

    Still No Live Commentary!?! Roxio Come On!

    Oh sorry... the way he's responding to everyones questions, I thought he was forum staff here on the Roxio support forums.
  7. Just making sure I understand this correctly... So basically rendering is just saving the changes you make after editing the raw video?
  8. Lennox

    Still No Live Commentary!?! Roxio Come On!

    Will do... But do YOU work for Roxio?... If so, can you PLEASE tell the people over at Roxio HQ to add a live commentary feature ASAP!
  9. Okay so I recorded a few test videos and uploaded them to youtube. Everything looks great except there is a green line on the bottom of them. I'm wondering is there any way to get rid of the green line on the bottom of the videos in videowave? Also, can someone please explain what the purpose of rendering videos is? And is there a way to render videos in videowave? And how would I access this renderer in videowave? Sorry, but I'm new to this...
  10. Will we ever get a live commentary (that is being able to record our commentary while we record our game play, at the same time) feature in an update anytime soon? I've been patiently waiting for it ever since the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro came out. Other capture cards (such as the Elgato) already have this feature so what is taking Roxio so long? Roxio, step your game up! And please don't take offense by this post. This is just constructive critism and will greatly improve your product: The Roxio Game Capture HD Pro.
  11. Lennox

    Black Preview Screen

    Okay, so I just installed my Roxio Game Capture HD Pro on my brand new computer yesterday. It was working fine at first, I was able to record 3 videos. But when I hit the capture button to record my 4th video, all of a sudden, my preview screen just went completely black. I'm still able to record and hear audio on the preview screen but it's REALLY annoying not being able to preview my videos whilst recording. The software is up to date and I tested all HDMI cables and they work fine. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software but I'm still having the same problem. All equipment used is completely brand new. My specs: Windows 8 Intel 3rd generation i7 8GB of Ram.