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    Custom Conversion Settings For H.264

    The original clip is 46 minutes : 25 seconds in duration and contained in a 8.38 GB file contained in iMovie. DIMENSIONS: 960 x 540 CODECS: Apple Itnermediate Codec, Linear PCM, Timecode AUDIO CHANNELS: 2 TOTAL BIT RATE: 24,037 The MP4 file is 507.6 MB. DIMENSIONS: 1280 x 720 CODECS: H.264, AAC, Text AUDIO CHANNELS: 2 TOTAL BIT RATE: 1448 When I originally created the Custom Video Export Profile, I believe I used the following settings (although I don't have these documented to confirm): VIDEO FORMAT: MPEG-4 Player SIZE: Automatic ASPECT RATIO: Automatic OVERSCAN: Automatic FRAME RATE: 29.97 DATA RATE: Custom - 900 kbps AUDIO FORMAT: MPEG-4 Audio SAMPLE RATE: 44100 CHANNELS: Stereo DATA RATE: 128000 NOTE: I am unable to change the DATA RATE. It's current set at 1328 kbps. The drop down menu appears and a cursor is available to manually set the data rate but neither entry is accepted. Thanks for your time and expertise.
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    Custom Conversion Settings For H.264

    We've been using Toast 11 Titanium since July 2012 to convert our 8GB HD .mov files to h.264 video files and then upload to a video on demand service. None of our custom settings within Toast have been changed nor has the .mov file size changed. However, I noticed today, rather than the h.264 files being 300 - 325 MB, they're now 700 - 750 MB files. FYI: Using a MacBook Pro running IOS 10.7.5 Toast 11.1 A gentleman working for the video on demand service originally helped customize our Toast conversion settings but he's no longer working for the company. Could anyone lend a hand? Our technological IQ isn't very high so a Conversion For Dummies approach would be appreciate. Thank you!