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  1. No idea if this is possible, I use the device with my PS3, audio comes through tv.
  2. Gezer

    Streaming Hiccups, Even At 240P?

    I'm a free user but I'll try out 1.2 of Xsplit. Its really amazing how Roxio GameCap HD PRO gives me hiccups at 240p streaming. I bought this just because of the out out of the box streaming capability.
  3. Gezer

    Streaming Hiccups, Even At 240P?

    Thats the thing, it doesn't work... and its Xsplit, which doesn't address my problem with Roxios own livestream.
  4. Gezer

    Streaming Hiccups, Even At 240P?

    GTX670 i5 3570k (watercooled, not overclocked, I know there is someone here who had problems running the software with an overclocked pc) 16GB 1600mhz ram I don't think its due to my specs, as Xsplit trial version streams fine off the Roxio softwares preview with "screen region".
  5. Gezer

    Streaming Hiccups, Even At 240P?

    What? That doesn't address my problem with the Roxio software at all. Second: I only wanted to use Xsplit after the hiccups with the Roxio software, if my problem gets addressed I won't have to use Xsplit. I have done plenty of search through both Roxios and Xsplits forums, yes they're working on 1.2, they recently released rc5, the support for the HD Pro is only for personal and premium users. Why does livestreaming with Roxios software give me hiccups even at the lowest resolution?
  6. Hey, I recently purchased a Game Capture HD Pro, I installed the software and hooked the device to my ps3. Live streaming on twitch through the software results in hiccups in my stream, even at the lowest resolution 240p! I'm disappointed. I tried with Xsplit, eventough there is no official support I got it to stream with the "screen region" thing, it works perfect streaming with Xsplit. No hiccups even at 720p. So my upload speed is certainly not the problem. How come the Game Caps software give me hiccups? Help would me appreciated!