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  1. Thanks for the above. First when I right clicked the audio icon I noted only one recording device, which is the default device (External microphone-Conexant SmartAudio HD). So what do you do then, to get it to work?? Nothing is muted when I left click the audio icon and the volumes are all to the max. How do you "tell" windows to use the mic as a line-In? Again, I appreciate the timeliness of your responses, but deweyright, how specifically do I carry out the tasks you recommend..please advise, thanks
  2. I have used Easy CD on at least two HP desktops with no problem and now I have a Toshiba laptop with a Conexant sound card. I plug in the adaptor cords from the "earphone" outlet on my Lp player to the microphone slot on the computer and attempt to record, but I get no sound on the laptop while the volume indicator on the software is extremely high. What am I doing wrong on the laptop that I wasn't doing on the desktop??