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  1. Mr Digital Guru, I tried to use the roxio converter and I used Adobe Premiere to convert to mpg- while the sound remained on the converted adobe file from avchd to mpg, the roxio did not. & niether could be selected and put into a new 9:16 video wave with reflected native sound. You seem to be super well versed as you reply in nearly all forums. I am challenged to the point of returning the product. Seems Corel has the foot hold here. I read the other forum where the gent had Creator 9 - & it helped, but, Windows 8 as I have it will not even begin to load it, as it says not compatable. Would setting the security tab to run under W7 or vista make a difference. I do not change settings till I have sound advise. I followed the install instructions, and got no error messages. I do have Quick Time [it shows 32 bit] I also have real player . I put the Roxio NXT PRO on my gift LapTop a Toshiba Qosmio, Model X875, which indicates that all systems are up to date, and I have a blue ray burner. Thank you again.
  2. Thank you for your knowledge. The one video is in mpeg format. The other videos are from my Sony CX210 on the highest quality setting. The properties show AVCHD Video (.MTS) , The ones of my grandsons show Movie Clip (,MPG). Adobe CS 4 recognizes them, but, then If I could understand all the tech stuff and had a desk job making bundles I wouldn't need Roxio - but, it has served me well in the past. It did great on XP and ok on Vista. Just not sure how to keep the quality HD and convert them.
  3. I purchased Creator NXT Pro, because it is advertised as Windows 8 compatable. Every pre recorded video I have went to edit, the native [internal] sound track indicates NO SOUND. Yet, I can open it in Windows Media Player and the video infact does have sound. I am not tech savy - What is the problem?