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  1. The pass thru idea would be worth trying.I don't think I have all the equipment to try it. I'll have to think it thru. Thanks for all your help.
  2. I haven't been able to copy the device mgr... but there is no USB 2861 device.. there are 2 copies of Roxio Video Capture USB. There is also : Intel® Display Audio and Realtek High Definition Audio. Question #1: I am not plugging the S-video into the Roxio or using it at all.
  3. I can only use the RCA cables from the VCR to the Roxio unit (to the PC). The S-video connection doesn't come from the VCR portion. (I only mentioned them to show I had considered copying from them, but only the DVD side comes from them.) I'm trying to copy from a VCR/DVD player to the computer thru the Roxio device to make a DVD copy on the computer.
  4. the 1st 2 tapes are family dvds ... not commercial. I just tried the commercial one since I knew it would be a professional recording. But all three tapes gave the same result.
  5. If adjusting tracking doesn't help, what else can I try before just returning product? --- I have tried 2 different VCR players (both work fine hooked to 2 different TVS) ---- I have tried 3 different tapes - one is an almost new Disney tape The 2 VCRs only have S-Video connection from the DVD, not the VHS. Audio works fines, just "No Video Signal" for ROXIO Easy VHS to DVD3 Plus