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  1. XEliteX101

    Installation Interupted

    is there anything in the log file wrong?
  2. XEliteX101

    Installation Interupted

    but I don't understand how it can work before and not now?
  3. XEliteX101

    Installation Interupted

    Yes, I still get it tried it in all ports too this is what it says
  4. XEliteX101

    Installation Interupted

    Yes, I did before aha
  5. XEliteX101

    Installation Interupted

    No, I do not have the USB plugged in. I don't have the entry. Doe this give me an advance on how to fix it?
  6. XEliteX101

    Installation Interupted

    Also I tried installing it on my cousins laptop and it worked, what is wrong with mine???
  7. Ok so tried the long thing where I have to make an account and it doesn't work. Had the Roxio for a while now, was good when it actually worked. 14-03-02 15-13.zip
  8. ok, but there is nothing at all I can do ?
  9. I followed everything you said but still no difference it comes up saying "Roxio Game Capture HD Pro Wizard Has Been Interrupted" is it my pc? because I updated everything in the windows update ??
  10. but I don't get how I can install the drivers when it comes up saying the installation has been interrupted
  11. So I decided to give up trying everything to install the Roxio disc on my PC because it just keeps coming up with Roxio Wizard Has Been Interrupted so I download a different software called Arcsoft Total Extreme anyway no the Roxio isn't even being recognised comes up as transcoder http://gyazo.com/45a4a8881232a3f5b61f78d58aa3b27d any ideas? I looed at other form and tried eveything they said but still no success
  12. I honestly tried all that and it still came up with the same message
  13. I have tried this before but shall I try it again
  14. Ok so I made a forum before about my RGC not installing and it was interrupted. When I installed the new version of DirectX9 it got further through installation than before but it stops on "File: C:\Config.Msi\a298b3.rbf" or maybe a little past that I just wanted to know if there was ANYTHING possible to fix this my windows is up to date aswell Log Files.zip
  15. XEliteX101

    My Roxio Broke

    your sure there is nothing else?