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  1. Ok so I'm running the standard Roxio Game Cap and have run into a problem. We recorded a game session last night with my podcast with the gamecap hitting the in game audio, while a second program recorded the vocal commentary via a snowball. I opened the video in the "Roxio VideoWave" editor and inserted the audio then cut it to match the video perfectly in the editor. However whenever I click export and it renders the video together it's off. First 12 seconds of cut that was removed from the commentary is there, then after I re-edit the ENTIRE THING together again the rendered version has 5 seconds of audio that was cut out (ie the audio was behind 12 seconds at first then 5 seconds the second time as the audio I cut before what was supposed to start mysteriously came back for no apparent reason). What the hell am I doing wrong? I've tried splitting the audio and deleting the parts I don't want, I've tried setting the start time and end time to be precise but every time the #$^@ thing is off in the rendered version, is there a fix for this or is Roxio's editing software just awful? Just to clarify: -When played in the editor the audio is syncing with the video but is not synced (and is in-fact playing deleted audio that's not even on the editing bar) when rendered.
  2. So this is an EXTREMELY frustating issue I seem to be running into and I don't know what is causing it. Essentially I captured smoe 360 footage last night and was editing it together. There was some time I had to cut off the beggining for the intro and so split the audio (and video at the same points, seperate files I synced for live commentary) so that it synced up fine. However when I render the video (export as button), the result that comes out undeletes about 12 seconds of the formerly deleted audio while not undeleting the video (wihch I didn't want anyways, but as you can tell that kinda throws the syncing WAY off). Any clue why it's doing this and how to fix it?
  3. DBL

    No Software Cd?

    I recently purchased the Roxio game capture device from Fry's and when I got home to hook it up noticed there was no CD. At first I figured it might have been just a plug and use (couldn't think of any other reason the software would be missing as the packaged didn't appear to be opened previously) but that wasn't the case, so what gives? Does the software you need to use the game capture device not come with the product or is mine one of the rare few factory errors, and if so any hints on how to fix it without just outright returning to the store and trying to exchange it (long drive).