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    Strange Interference Sound

    I used it on a different computer and everything and still got the sound interference. My dad told me to just send it back and so I did. =/ Thanks for the help though.
  2. iPanguru

    Strange Interference Sound

    I can hear it through out the whole video. maybe it's just me....I'm going to reinstall the software and then mess around with it. I get the sound when I'm hearing the preview audio too.. I'm also going to use my mic and try recording on a different computer and check the differences, it may be my comp and not my mic. Sorry bout the language, that is what happens when I play and record as I play. But thank you for the response.
  3. iPanguru

    Strange Interference Sound

    Hey guys, So after having my roxio hd pro for a little over a week, I still get a wierd "interference" sound when I'm recording. I think it might be my computer, because I also get alot of static in my mic when recording audio for the gameplay (after I recorded the gameplay not during). So when I add my audio, i have to use audacity to edit my voice to remove static and mute my gameplay to ensure no annyoing sounds. A video a can show you guys where this is really annoying is to big to attach but heres the link of it on my channel. http://bit.ly/W2yGNY Any feedback on this is helpful. I already plan on getting a new computer for school so if this is my problem I'll just fix it in time. But if not I need ways to correct this. Also. On a side note. Is there going to be a software update, or anything relative so we can capture game chat, record with the device during games? If not, I don't want to spend anymore money on a different game capture, since Roxio seems to work fine except for these MINOR, flaws. But they still proceed to be a nuesaince. -Jake