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    MyDVD Trial

    Thanks, Larry - Yes I did try to contact support but I have to have a registered product to use that. Since that seems to be the main problem, I can't use contact support either. Am I in an endless loop?? <G> Cathy
  2. Help

    MyDVD Trial

    I was taken to the site from TiVo. It is here: http://estore.sonic.com/upgrades/tivo/MyDVD61_special.asp Thanks...Cathy Gee, Lynn - Sorry to have bothered you. I cannot find any place to get help so I thought someone here might have a suggestion. If Roxio has nothing to do with this software, I wonder why it is call RoxioMyDVD? I also wonder why, when I followed the links from TiVo, I was able to get to this forum. I must have dreamed all that. Cathy
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    MyDVD Trial

    I am trying to install the trial of MyDVD 6. I fill out the screen with my e-mail address and the software downloads. Then I try to install it and it asks for the serial number which it claims was e-mailed to me. It wasn't. I have tried 4 times and there is no e-mail. Yes - I've looked in bulk, etc. This e-mail is not being sent. Does anyone know how to get support without paying $35.00. If this software will do one particular thing I want it to do, I'll buy it but I can't find out. Thanks...Help