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    Blu Ray Disk Only Plays The First Movie From Fcp-X

    A Panasonic Blu Ray disc player is used with a big tv, 60i. It is a stand alone player. Maybe a new model is called for. But my burner and software haven't changed. Toast 15 is on the shelf in Best Buy. ? Toast encoded all the files before burning. Thanks for answering.
  2. Toast 11. five or something more than zero, is used to burn Blu Ray disks in an external LG burner. My iMAC 2011 27 inch is used with FCP-X to edit and join clips. Exported master files, MOV, either h.264 or pro res 422 are used. If a stack of MOVs is put into Toast, and a menu selected, encoding occurs and takes a long time to accomplish. The disk will only play the first file. The other files show in menu icons, but will not play. I used to be able to do this. I have Blu Ray disks that I made that play many movie files from menu icons. I cannot use files edited in FCP anymore to burn more than one movie or file per disk. Why? This used to work. Thanks for help. Michael
  3. studiocarter

    I Clicked That Box To Stop Showing This Page

    FILE / New From Assistant that put it back
  4. studiocarter

    I Clicked That Box To Stop Showing This Page

    There was a assistant menu that used to play in Toast and it shows in the Tutorials. I clicked the little box that said to stop showing this page and now I want it back. How do I get it back. It is gone. Only the main menu shows. I've reinstalled the program and updated it but no assistant shows. Thanks.
  5. studiocarter

    I Want To Burn Blu-Ray Disks Directly From My Camera.

    That's right. I don't want to use the computer and I want to get a Blu-Ray recorder, a usb2 one. With a power cord. There may be AVCHD/Blu-Ray burners (people) here who use only the camera. And I did ask Canon. Since they sell a DVD burner for the purpose I don't think they will help. This forum I posted to said it was about AVCHD and Blu-Ray.
  6. studiocarter

    I Want To Burn Blu-Ray Disks Directly From My Camera.

    The page in the instruction book is 155. Here is a link to one pdf: http://gdlp01.c-wss....00-im3-n-en.pdf The Canon burner is a separate subject and didn't get made into a different paragraph. A blu-ray disk is not a DVD disk even if the DVD disk will carry a blu-ray movie in high definition dvd. I may try asking Canon. I thought that consumers may have used the camera to do what they say in the instructions.
  7. My camera is a Canon Vixia HF M50. The instruction book says it will burn Blu-Ray disks directly from the camera, no computer required. The Canon burner I found in a search burns high density DVD disks that play in a blu ray machine but will not actually burn Blu-Ray disks. What Blu-Ray burner will work with video camera usb cable?
  8. studiocarter

    Avchd Archive To Dvd

    Toast 11 burned a blank avchd archive on a BDR even though it showed there was very little space left over on that bar on the lower left. It did read my Canon Vixia camera files. I could not drag any video to the space. It seemed to be automatic.
  9. studiocarter

    Blu-Ray/hd Plugin

    BTW, I purchased a blu-Ray burner and toast together from MCE and they provided the support. Here is a link to get the burner and toast: http://store.mcetech.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=BD12XEXT&Category_Code=STORBD
  10. studiocarter

    Blu-Ray/hd Plugin

    Now I found the plug in in the Applications folder and needed a new code to install it. After I called tech support and got it it installed. Here is who I called: Arnie Ramirez MCE Technologies, LLC http://www.mcetech.com 714-674-0800 714-494-8106 fax
  11. studiocarter

    Toast 11 Hd/bd Install

    Call this guy: Arnie Ramirez MCE Technologies, LLC http://www.mcetech.com 714-674-0800 714-494-8106 fax He helped me get this app running
  12. studiocarter

    Blu-Ray/hd Plugin

    Whatever. My copy burned a Blu-Ray as is. However, I did install an update and had to use the code twice. I never saw anything about the plugin. It may have been it. I don't know. Anyway, it WORKS!
  13. studiocarter

    Blu-Ray/hd Plugin

    I purchased toast 11 pro and didn't get any message about the plug in. It seems to work already. I set up a Blu-Ray but didn't ask it to burn.
  14. studiocarter

    Bluray/hd Plugin

    It was a sales technique. The seller provided an email download link to a player; I entered a long code and bingo - Harry Potter played. It was a free one year subscription so I went ahead and bought it with my discount. Here is the address of a blue ray player for the iMac, with tutorials: http://www.macblurayplayer.com I guess all that you need is a player hard drive or a burner, the one I have is both apparently.
  15. studiocarter

    Bluray/hd Plugin

    Thanks for answering. I don't have any homemade Blu-ray disks yet or know where the Extras menu is. This may take a while to learn. I'm waiting for the Pacific time to come up so I can call support of the burner I bought. This is where I got it from: http://store.mcetech.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=BD12XEXT&Category_Code=STORBD It says in red that it'll play disks but I can'I. I thought it might be a Toast thing. Maybe someone here has one of these burners?