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  1. da600gunnaz

    Xsplit Cant See Video From Capturecard

    i got the answer for you. i use both xsplit and the roxio hd pro software. when the roxio !@#%s up i switch to xsplit. but thats the thing. you gotta press crtl alt delete ( to get to task manager and then end task for all roxio running services. "just look in the R section" but once you end task for roxio then click on xsplit and boom you will see and hear gameplay via xsplit. BUT KEY THING TO REMEMBER IS YOU CANT RUN BOTH PROGRAMS WITHOUT FULLY ENDING TASK FOR THE SOFTWARE IN USE. HOPE THIS HELPS PS CHECK ME OUT ON YOUTUBE ( iGHOSTSGUNNAZ ) I GOT A VIDEO THATS SHOWS YOU HOW TO HEAR GAME AUDIO WHILE LIVESTREAMING. ITS IDEAL FOR PEOPLE WHO DONT HAVE TURTLE BEACH HEADSETS.
  2. da600gunnaz

    Recording In-Game Voice

    heres your fix please click the like button.
  3. well heres the rigged up way to get your audio to play while using the roxio hd pro live stream feature. as we all know you cant hear anything after clicking livestream. well this method fixes all that. and it very cheap to do. $3-4 max. follow the steps i did in the video and you will be fine. Please click the like button as it will help my channel grow and encourage me to make better fix videos for you all.
  4. da600gunnaz

    Ok Quick Question -

    no thats not why in my opion and experience. roxio only lets us get up to 720p on live streams. but if you capture ( record ) gameplay you can then go back and edit it and make it 1080p. from what ive experienced with this product.
  5. da600gunnaz

    Cannot Stream 720P

    i get 18.1 downloadand 2.1 upload. and i stream in 720 all the time. though im having a wierd speed issue with my live streams video speed going up and down making my character run crack head fast then sluggish then normal then fast, then.. you catchmy frift. but i set my general video bitrate at 7000 and my live stream at 1700-1900 depending on the average result after about 3 bandwith test.. i put the general resoloution on 1080p and live stream at 720p which is the highest for the from down list. be sure that you have updated to sp1.1 google thedownlod link cause it sucks finding it here through the searchbox. hope this helps or inspires you to click on ^#!& and try it out till something makes a difference. good luck brother
  6. da600gunnaz

    Stream Pauses Every 3-5 Seconds.

    does it do this ( sorry thevideo here hads been deleted aswell as the youtube account with it. sorry.
  7. da600gunnaz

    Not Exporting And Not Uploading

    what are you streaming to ? in my case when it does this on twitch after i get done live streaming i will have to goto twitch and disconnect my youtube account and re-connect it and it would go through and upload fine.
  8. da600gunnaz

    Roxio Freezes After Clicking Live Stream Button

    Jim why do you reply with comments like that. Yes it was working Back in June. But something happened and I don't what. I could use all Help to fix this issue
  9. da600gunnaz

    Roxio Freezes After Clicking Live Stream Button

    Nothing changed I do all the samtroubleshootinge settings and troubleshooting ,just now it does not work at all.
  10. hi to all who read this my issue is that my roxio continues to freeze after clicking live stream. i have some pc specs i will list below. My Desktop Specs: Gateway DX4380G-UW308 | Windows 8 | AMD A6 5400k dual core processor | AMD Radeon HD 7540D Graphics | One ( 1 ) TB Hard Drive | six ( 6 ) GB DDR3 Memory but the program will turn on like normal and with out any issue's. it will allow me to click the capture button or edit videos button , ( i clicked capture button so that i can get to live stream menu ). i always mute the preview audio and raise my stream audio up to max usually because i adjust the audio in the games themselves. Then i click live stream and it will either freeze on a black screen while loading until top of window reads not responding. or it will load the video & audio for about 1 sec then freeze. But everything else on my computer is fully optional. i can use my roxio hd pro device with xsplit and it shows fine and plays audio fine but my roxio software keeps doing this.
  11. da600gunnaz

    Uploading To Youtube Not In Hd

    you gotta manualy select the recorded video to be in 1080- by selecting 16:9 view option when using the editing softwre provided. there should be a box that pops up when you (start a new) editing page.
  12. da600gunnaz

    Trouble With Live Stream - Split

    what i did was in options goto livestream and set it at 720p and your bit rate at 1500 then apply all that then move the slider thingy to half way and you should have a smooth stream without the non response error or freezing. though mine does this all the time andi have to uninstll - re install re update and it ometimes works. but on averae i use the xsplit software. there are ways to download it free you just have to google around to find links. hope this helps
  13. i think he pirated that software himself so im sure others will
  14. da600gunnaz

    No Sound When Streaming

    i found a fix watch my video and i explain it all there. please like and subscribe also. thanks everyone http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFtvQ6TS4N0
  15. da600gunnaz

    No Sound When Streaming

    i am having the same issue and what i tried was get a cable from the local 99 cent store that has a headphone jack on one end and a yellow , red , white connectors on the other end. i plugged that in ( front mic ) and i got loud distorted sound i could hear while live streaming. it did effect the audio that was heard on the viewers end also. so it 50/50 if you want to tinker with that. but i agree we need a solution for this i jus searched back to the beginning of time and theres no fix or work around. but in theory i think that program virtual audio cable will allow you to play on input audio to 2 seperate audio outputs. i dont know how to use virtual audio caable that well but heres the link to it if you want to give it a shot. LINK REMOVED SO I DONT !@#% UP