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    Pc Audio and Capture Issue

    A quick update, I found an audio jack on the back of my monitor so I was able to plug my speakers into it and now it records while i can hear on the speakers but yes I usually use a usb headset Logitech G930 while gaming, don't know how i'm going to get this to work :S
  2. Lt.Seebnuts

    Pc Audio and Capture Issue

    apologies I thought I explained it to suggest that but to confirm yes I am Playing on the PC I'm Recording on I don't think it would be an issue of my specs: i5 2500k 3.30Ghz 2x 1GB GeForce Gtx 560 16 Gb DDR3 Ram I found out the issue about it only recording 1 second of footage, turns out all i had to do was have the software on the monitor I was recording from while capturing The big thing is the audio now at the moment I have mini-HDMI to HDMI cable going from my Graphics Card to the RGC, I then have a HDMI to HDMI going from the RGC to my monitor then the usb into the computer I have also tried plugging the usb into my laptop but same thing, captures video but no audio I understand that if it were plugged into a television isntead of a monitor they'd be no issue because the TV would play the audio outloud but yeah since my monitor doesn't paly audio out loud is there any fix do you think?
  3. Lt.Seebnuts

    Pc Audio and Capture Issue

    To begin with i'm recording PC footage using the Gamecap HD Pro and i'm running win7 at first i wasn't recording any audio at all I checked my playback devices and saw that I could select the capture device as default playback device I did this and recorded footage, I couldn't hear anything while recording and when playing back the clip naturally when i set my default device back to my speakers I could hear when i played back The issue is that my monitor doesn't have an in built speaker so obviously this is a hassle as I either have to play without sound or not record with sound Is there anyway I can have audio play through both? or any other fixes for that matter