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    Disc Menu - Preview It

    How can I preview a disc menu? I can create/author a menu, but the only thing that seems to be available for visuals is a tiny 4" window that is non interactive. I want to create my menu and then test it before I burn it like iDVD used to do. So yeah - CAN I GET A LARGER PREVIEW WINDOW AND PREVIEW TEST DRIVE OPTIONS? Roxiodog.
  2. roxiodog

    Blu_Ray Hd/bd Plugin Not Recognised

    It appears that my BD Plugin is for Toast 10. Not sure how I downloaded that one - Bummer, wonder if Roxio will let have BD 11 for free?!
  3. roxiodog

    Blu_Ray Hd/bd Plugin Not Recognised

    Titanium is installed and opens fine. The blu-ray plug-in is installed. When I choose the Blu-Ray option in Titanium is says that the HD/BD plug-in is not installed. (error window attached) Thanks..
  4. roxiodog

    Toast 11 Won't Install

    I purchased Toast Titanium 11- ESD a few days ago and it won't install on my iMac OS 10.7.2 (error message is attached) There is an OS update available 10.7.5 for my machine which I haven't yet installed - is this causing the issue? Regards Dan Steele