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    Need A Hand Here.

    I reset everything and yes it does work, Thank you. I guess Living by the I.T. Crowd's catch phrase of "Having you tried turning it on and off again?" might actually be useful. I still believe your post from before wasn't any help but you did offer a different solution which worked, so I apologize for my previous post. Although now its working I do believe that another problem has arisen. It seems to flicker with those weird colours ever so often. Any possible idea's to why?
  2. Smotez

    Need A Hand Here.

    Totally didn't read that or anything before I posted here..... 1. Its definitely on. 2. It is set up properly, I checked this multiple times. 3. Cable components on Xbox 360, Xbox360 can use either HDMI or component cable so it is supported. 4. The wires are brand new, so is the capture card itself, they're not broken. As you can clearly see I checked that before posting here, I am fully aware of the troubleshooting guide and I decided to make a post here because my problems did not fit any of the questions above. Your help here by mindlessly copying and pasting has been invaluable.
  3. Smotez

    Need A Hand Here.

    I've Set my HD pro up just as the instructions said using component cables and Every time I go to capture It always has "No signal" in red. I've Checked the wires for being loose and everything is connected, My Tv is on and working perfectly fine at 720p. I have Noticed on the card itself that neither one of the HDMI and YPbPr lights are on, Probably another indication to it not being able to get a signal? I've added an image of what is going on in the settings area of the capture window. Any help will be greatly appreciated.