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    Seems To Capture, But Cannot Edit Or Export

    For my doubting Thomas, see attached pics. Explanations are as follows: Roxio1 - After capture in the edit screen, notice the thumbnail displays correctly, but the preview pane is black. Buttons to the left of the PLAY button are greyed out Roxio2 - If you play around w/the buttons (I hit PLAY) all the buttons become active like you would expect (notice PLAY changed to PAUSE symbol), but still nothing on preview pane. Similarly, if you press the FORWARD to END button then the PLAY and forward buttons grey out just as though you ARE at the end, but still nothing plays, and the playhead does not advance. Roxio3 - Ignoring the edit and proceed to export to computer. These next images happen VERY quickly, less than a second, difficult to get the screen caps. This shows it attempting to process, the blue bar move across VERY quickly and the next image shows up Roxio4 - Thinks it's complete but of course it's not Roxio5 - Error message, again at least for me, even though it says it will shut down, it doesn't do that. Roxio6 - My task manager, you can see it still shows Roxio even though it's not in my toolbar below (because I shut it down manually). Maybe the OP can confirm whether this is EXACTLY what he is seeing, but from what he described my problem was EXACTLY the same and I wish you hadn't assumed it wasn't.
  2. Joycelyn

    Seems To Capture, But Cannot Edit Or Export

    I apologize that I took the hubby's word for it that we had a card instead of a chip. But my problem IS the same as OP. - After capturing, unable to edit, controls don't do anything, preview window remains blank - Attempted same as OP, tried to ignore inability to edit and just try to export it, will not export into ANY format and get the identical error "An unknown error has occurred. Application will shut down now." It does not give any error code #. Also, it does not, infact shut the program down. Additionally, after this happens, when I DO exit from the program, it still appears in my processes in Task Manager - The captured video DOES appear in the Captured folder of the tree, and I CAN play it w/WMP In what way do you think my prob. is diff. from the OP? He mentions nothing about recording time and his problem is not about capture (he and I are able to "capture" it) but it just does not play back (for editing purposees) w/in the program AND we can not get it to export to anything and get that unhelpful error.
  3. Joycelyn

    Seems To Capture, But Cannot Edit Or Export

    I am having the same problem! I tried to work around this with ProShow Gold and using the captured video there, but there it showed only video w/no audio. The MPG does work in MWP. I've downloaded all types of codecs today trying to solve it to no avail. Hubby says we have a video CARD not just a video chip, I will go do the dxdiag thing now, but just wanted to say that my proble is EXACTLY the same as what the OP wrote.
  4. I believe I have captured a video from VHS. It appears in file explorer and I can play it from there (windows media player). However, in the Roxio software (V2D3Plus) it is listed in the right column with a correct video length, but the thumbnail is black. The preview screen is also black. Pressing the play button shows nothing except black in the preview window although the "rewind" and back buttons will become active.