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  1. cool...thank you for that response....i did find other similar responses to this, and of course, i have to wonder if either of my burners will allow for 1x burning.....
  2. I am using Toast 11 with a Macbook Pro, Lion OS....it is sooooo buggy!! when i set the burn speed for 1x, as i often do to make master CDs, i notice that when it starts to burn, it says the average burn speed is 7x....really!? why!? if i set if for 1x, why is it not(apparently) burning at 1x? also--tried using the cross fades and such, but they seem to maybe work, or maybe not, depending on how Toast is feeling.....why the inconsistency? Cd text is another winner.....if i hit 'apply to all' on one thing, sometimes it will apply to all in other fields as well...for instance, i hit 'apply to all' for the artist field, and the song field also changed on all the songs....then, when i went in to correct the songs, every time i typed in the name of a song, it applied to all the rest, until i closed the app and started it again.....??!!?? the fast forward and reverse buttons don't function correctly all the time.....sometimes, when holding down the button to FF or Reverse within a song, it works, and other times it doesn't --- the buttons will only move between songs, and that's it......no FF or R within a single song...it is more problematic in Reverse than FF..... does anybody else experience these issues.....? i'm thinking this version is a total pile of crap at this point......