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    Blue Preview Screen While Using Component

    This happens to me sometimes, what I do is close the program (without shutting down my console (ps3)) and then reopen the software. This has worked for me everytime.
  2. undacova

    Capture Software Switches From 720P To 480P By Itself

    My best guess is that when you go from the game to the different menus the resolution for some god forsaken reason changes. If at that moment the software decides to detect automatically then it will be at 480p and you have to change it back to 720p. To try a fix in my ps3 settings I have disabled the 480p option so it does not go to that resolution, Have not recorded much since then, but will let you know. I know how much it sucks recording thinking its in HD and then finding out it was only 480p. I have to do a bunch of videos all over again because of this. I really hope roxio gives up its vice grip on this hardware and allows compatibility with other software, cause this roxio software royally sucks.
  3. Hey so a follow up. I got roxio to send me a replacement. I asked the facebook support for help (they were the real heros in getting me the replacement). So the process is roughly. Buy support ticket ~ $20, speak to an agent, they will tell you to go through various steps Try all that if it doesn't work they will determine that it needs to be replaced. They will fill an order and it should process and ship. (now mine got stuck at the order stage for over a month) The people from facebook helped expedite it and send me the order right away. Ask for refund of support ticket since the issue was hardware related (I got confirmation in writing from the facebook roxio representatives that if the issue is hardware they will refund me the support money and they did)
  4. undacova

    Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro Red 'no Signal' Please Help!

    HI, I had the same issue and unfortunetly in my case it was the hardware that had malfunctioned. One good way to test this is if you have a second computer, try to install it on that. What I did was I bought another one and plugged it in and the second one worked so I knew that my first capture device was defective. I had to contact roxio and go back and forth, even had to pay the upfront support cost, In the end they ended up shipping me a replacement. Just took long
  5. Tried that, didn't work I finally got another Roxio today from a futureshop (bestbuy in states) and its as I thought the new roxio works without a hitch, plugged it in windows detected it no problem. Removed the new one attached the old one and nothing. So it is the hardware, 100% confirmed. Dont know what to do from here as there is no support and technical support for $19 is the only option but no gurantee i will get a replacement. On Roxio's facebook page they had advised me to contact their sales department but have deleted that advice. I guess its time to move on to a more reliable company with better warranty then 14 days. Thanks for all your help cdanteek
  6. Its not listed as TRANSCODER though, and I already stated that it only gets recognized under very specific circumstances (i.e requires restart with it plugged in) I understand how drivers work but in your response it seems as you can't fathom the possibility of a faulty hardware device. It was working fine for months and then just stopped working without any warning and now It wont install no matter what driver I use, if I repair the software, If I uninstall it and reinstall it. Face it a proper driver wont work if the actual device is defective. Anyway thank you for your suggestions unfortunately for me they did not work. I will come back this weekend after I get the new Roxio and report what happened.
  7. I think I am not being clear, sorry about that. Let me start over. 1) card was working fine on my laptop from Nov - Jan 18th 2) restarted computer and all of a sudden card is not being detected getting the no signal on the software. Card is receiving power because the big --> arrow lights up purple but not the other 2 leds. 3) I reinstall/repair the software it doesn't work. Thinking there is an issue with my laptop I go to my desktop. 4) Install software on desktop, restart the computer, plug in the card and it doesn't work. 5) Remove the card, reinstall/repair software, restart and then plug in the card, does not work. 6) Leave the card pluged in and restart my desktop, card shows up as "UNKNOWN" device under the device manager, however I can't update driver, I uninstall the device, search for new device, shows up again as "UNKNOWN" device. Take out the USB cable plug it back in while the computer is running and its gone from device manager does not even show up as unknown, its simply not there. 7) I did as you asked, reinstall the software (which runs fine but shows no signal) plug in the device and nothing works. 8) restart computer with the usb plugged in and shows up as "unknown device" Now what I am saying is that the reason why I can't install the driver and why it is not working is because the hardware has malfunctioned and shows up only when I reboot with it plugged in and even then only shows up as UNKNOWN device. I can't update its driver no matter how much I try. Once I unplug it and replug the device it disappears until i restart the computer with it plugged it. I am going to test this but getting another Roxio Game Capture HD Pro hardware and simply pluging it in with the software and drivers installed already, if it is detected and works fine, I will know that my actual device is malfunctioning.
  8. I have the right driver and I have followed the instructions. What I dont have is a capture device that is working because the actual hardware is malfunctioning not the software. I will report back on the weekend as I will get my hands on another Roxio game capture hd pro and then report back. Thanks for your help.
  9. Now here is the issue with you guys. You get technical support for free for the first 14 days after you register with your CD KEY. But wait you dont have that becasue you didn't register, now you have 2 options either pay $19 and get help which may still not help. Or email the customer service here https://shop.roxio.com/store?Action=DisplayContactUsPage&Env=BASE&Locale=en_US&SiteID=sonic But most likely you will get a pre determined respond telling you to contact technical support. Good luck.
  10. Again thanks for your suggestion, however it did not work. I am 99.99% sure the issue is with the actual card and not the software or my computer. Roxio is primarily a software company and I dont think they realize issues could arise with the hardware I am saying this because only the software is registered to my account even though the capture card has a s/n I can't register it. There is no warranty for this product besides the 30 day refund period which is incredibly disappointing and needs to be spread to possible future buyers. 2 Months for a $150 MRSP product is unacceptable. I understand issues happen but 30 day warranty is a deal breaker. To prove my hardware theory I am going to try and get a hold of another Roxio game capture hd pro and see if that one works (I have a strong feeling it will).
  11. Thanks for your reply, I read the words you bolded. Seems I was not clear, sorry about that. To be clear I installed the software first, rebooted it, then pluged the game capture hd pro into my desktop. This desktop was previously never used with the game capture hd pro so I installed the software on it to see if it was my laptop that was having the issue but it seems as its the game capture hd pro. It does not show up as you have it. the only way my desktop has been able to detect that something is attached is when I reboot the pc with the roxio game capture hd pro attached. It shows up as UNKNOWN device under device manager. I can not install any driver as windows wont let me, says best driver is already installed however it still calls it "UNKNOWN device." . Keeping in mind I have already installed the software prior to plugging in the device on this computer. When I unplug it and replug the device my computer does not sense it. One more thing the pass through does not work either, by which I mean I get no image on the tv even though I can see the device is gettng power as the --> is lit up.
  12. I wanted to do that from the begining, but since I registered my product when I recieved it I have unfortunatly run out of the 14 day window where I could ask them for technical support for free. To ask that question I would have to pay them $19 just to help me figure out what to do. I am 90% certain that this device has malfunctioned and needs to be replaced. I contacted their customer serive but all I get is pre determined answers guiding me to the paid technical support to help with my "software" issue even though I clearly wrote out in my email that I have a hardware problem not a software one as I can install the software just fine but the card is not being detected on my computers. One of the customer service answer stated that they have a strict no refund policy after 30 days, which is great but the question I asked was to get my device repaired or replaced if need be. This answer leads me to believe that the "warranty" is the same as the refund policy, once 30 days are over Roxio stops caring unless you give them more money to help you with your "Software" issue which I dont have.
  13. Does anyone know what the warranty is on this device? I can't seem to find an official source, only people on the forms proclaiming 30 days to 90 days but no official source. Nothing is on the product page either.
  14. Hi, I recently bought my Roxio Game Capture HD pro, it was delivered to me around Nov 2012. I used it on and off since then, but since yesterday Jan 18th. It has stopped working completely. My usb cable is plugged into my laptop providing the Roxio Game Capture HD pro power the -> lights up which is why I know it is getting power. The led lights indicating hdmi or YPbPr do not light up. I had the Roxio Game Capture HD pro installed on my laptop and whenever I used it would plug it into any usb port. All of a sudden after a reboot of the laptop its not working, I uninstalled the program, reinstalled it, repaired it but still i get No input and No signal. The Roxio Game Capture HD pro is NOT showing up in my device manager like I have seen in a few posts around here. I figured something was wrong with my laptop and it was not recognizing it so I connected it to my desktop (which did not have the device installed before) I installed the software, did the restart, plugged in the device. The ( -->) lights up but the other led indicating input do not light up. So it is not working on my second computer either. Hoping someone can help me out here or show me how to get a possible replacement as it seems that my Roxio Game Capture HD pro has become defective (not working on 2 computers) Also I did the upgrade for the software.