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  1. I have the Roxio Game Cap HD Pro, and I was wondering if there is a way I can take an hour and a half video chop it up to three parts and redner out those three parts easily, with the video wave program. I have the three sections I want seperated, on the timeline but if I render it out they become one video, Is there a way i can take those three sections on the timeline and render them out in cepereate parts?
  2. Nighthawkaz223

    Roxio Game Cap Hd Pro Render Help!

    I am capturing in Hd 1080i but once done with a video and go to render it out i can't seem to find an option that puts it like that. When i upload it to Youtube its in 240p. What render setting is the 1080i 720p?
  3. Nighthawkaz223

    Livestreaming Back Up Saves.

    Think I figured it out, its due to your upload speed and if you have terrible upload speed your stream will fall behind and you will lose everything on your stream when you close it. So you will have to monitor it until it catches up or just not live stream until you get a better connection.
  4. Nighthawkaz223

    Livestreaming Back Up Saves.

    I just live streamed my game to twitch tv. When i was all done and hit stop live stream, I went and looked at the previous broadcast the live stream video is missing a good 30 minutes of the video from when i stopped. So is there a back up i can upload for people to view or am I out of luck on 30 minutes and is there and option to have roxio create a back of the live stream for future use? and if not why hasn't it been made in to the software?