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    Signal Protected

    I mean in the interface. I guess doing that some how knocked it out of copy protection mode which it shouldn't be in on the Xbox one. So far I have only done it once so I will have to see if it does it again.
  2. stlkid314

    Signal Protected

    It's weird I have it working now. I switched it to component, then it went off because I have it all thorough HDMI then switched it back to HDMI and Have not had a problem with it since. Guess the Roxio got confused I don't know.
  3. stlkid314

    Signal Protected

    At first I was able to record fine on the Xbox One. I recorded a clip of battlefield 4 no problem then all of a sudden I get a Signal protected status, isn't that usually for like HDCP protection? Something the the Xbox one doesn't have? Anyway I turned the Xbox off for the night the next day Booted everything up and it worked again a few hours later I get the protected signal again. Not sure whats going on no settings have changed, I'm not on Netflix or anything just gaming.
  4. stlkid314

    Cant Record Ps4?

    I'm pretty sure no capture card works with the PS4 at this current time, but a patch will be released at a later date. The Xbox one however will work with this card out of the box.
  5. stlkid314

    Enhance Picture Settings

    Everything seems to be working fine sound a video wise but I was curious as to what picture settings pepole have for the card? the brightness, hue, stauration, contrast for the best picture quality.