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    No Product Code

    Thank you, this worked for me There wasn't a code on the box i was wondering if there happened to be a sticker with the code on. Can i unregister the product? Because i'm selling it.
  2. Laitoux

    No Product Code

    I clicked on the Red Roxio but it didn't link me anywhere, it isn't hyper linked for me?
  3. Laitoux

    No Product Code

    Do you know how i can get this code? Should there be a sticker on the package somewhere where i can get it?
  4. Laitoux

    No Product Code

    Alright thank you very much but i need the code as i'm selling it and posting it tomorrow
  5. Laitoux

    No Product Code

    Hello, is there any way other than the CD Sleeve and the Email to find out what the Product code is? There isn't a sticker on the back of the packaging like it said there should as i can't get the software to work without a code. I need this answered quickly please!