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  1. I am trying to burn some Christmas movies onto a BluRay disc using Toast Titanium 11. The hard drive I'm using has 3.21 TB's of space available...but in spite of that I keep getting this error message: "Not enough free disk space. 18.9 GB needed, 4.74 GB available. (which is incorrect, BTW) If you chose to continue, please remember to free up some disk space." This is baffling since as I said earlier I have PLENTY of space available. Hardware: MacMini running OS X 10.10.1 (Yosemite) 16 Gigs internal Ram Toast Titanium 11.2 Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Thanks for all your help. I know you're just a volunteer. But....remember my EyeTV is the HD version. The movie files it creates are MPEG4....so when I export as Elementary Streams.....it's an MPEG4 file. When I add that to Toast....it does not ask anything about the .ac3 file. It's just video without audio. I did try to slide the audio file into Toast myself...and as you indicated....that' doesn't work either. Just out of curiosity....I tried doing a DVD image file with just a single movie file instead of both of them. It crashes doing a regular def DVD image file the same as when trying to do an HD BluRay image file. I suspect that Roxio pushed this product to market before it was fully vetted.....and ready to go. We're seeing WAY too many bugs to believe it was really ready for sale/distribution. But...that being said....I know you're a volunteer and don't have to be here trying to help us poor saps....and I thank you for your efforts. I've seen some of the snarky comments some on these boards have made towards you....and it's not your fault. You don't work for Roxio. They should direct their frustration towards Roxio and THANK-YOU for trying to help them.
  3. Just an update......while I wait for some assistance. I had to stop the creation of the Image file. After over 24 hrs it was only up to about 14% complete. I figured I had better contact Technical Support for the first time.....since you only get 14 days of free tech support after registering your new software. Unfortunately, they make contacting them harder than it ought to be. When you click on Technical Support on this website....you're taken to a screen that asks the name of the program, version, what sort of problem are you having, etc. Then they want to know your "Support Code" before allowing you to go any further. They indicated that this number was included in the email I received after registering the product. This is not so. I read that email over and over again to see if it was there....and it isn't. I have a customer number, order number, password, product key....but no support code. So...I tried giving them a call. On the voice mail auto-attendant I selected technical support. I was given a recording telling me that I had to begin that process on the website (which you can't do without a support code). So...I called again and this time selected the sales line. There's always a live person on the sales line. The guy took down the information.....and promised he'd pass the information on to tech support and that they would be contacting me soon via email. We'll see what happens....
  4. I'm trying an experiment until I get an expert to offer some assistance. Since exporting these movies from EyeTV to Toast as Elemental Streams didn't work....(it creates separate video and audio files...and Toast won't merge them back together again)......I decided to try some different formats. So...I exported both movies as 1080i H.264 files. Each one was about 11 to 12 gigs in size. When adding them to Toast.....the little bar graph on the bottom that indicates how much disc space your files are going to use up showed the 25 gig Blu-Ray disc being almost full....about 22-23 gigs. So....then I began the process of trying to create another image file in preparation for burning the disc. I began at 7PM last night and as of 7AM this morning (12 hrs later)....it was still running.....and at 11% complete. While I'm happy it hasn't crashed yet as it did before......or locked up.......it's taking FOREVER to get done. I'm guessing it's re-encoding the whole thing which takes a lot of time. There has GOT to be a better way to do this. I'll continue to experiment until I find a format that works in a reasonable length of time. Toast doesn't appear to like MPEG2 and MPEG4 files (locks up and crashes)......so we'll see which ones it "plays nice with".
  5. This request has been up for a few days now with not a single suggestion as to how to get Toast 11 Titanium to work. Toast 10 seemed to work fine (most of the time)......so I wonder. Should I go back to Toast 10? And another question......why do the movies show 10.3 to 11 gigs while in EyeTV.....but when placed in Toast (doesn't matter if I select it from the media browser or slide it from window to window manually)...the file size shows only 700-750 MB per movie? Is Toast compressing those files? Maybe that's what is locking it up?
  6. Hi everyone, I am having a problem with Toast quitting unexpectedly during the creation of an Image file after reaching 22%. The hardware is a new Mac Mini quad core i7 with 16 gigs RAM and USB 3.0 ports. The external drive is a LG BE14NU40 BluRay writer. I do have the BD plug in installed and activated. I also have the HD EyeTV where I have recorded several Hallmark Christmas movies that I would like to transfer to BluRay discs. I finally figured out how to create multiple markers and edit out the commercials within EyeTV such that a single file is all I have to export into Toast in my last support request. The resultant file created by EyeTV is an MPEG-4 AVC, 8.0 Mbps high def movie. This is what is being transferred to Toast. I am only trying to include 2 of these movies on a single BD disc....and the file size of each movie is about 11 gigs. I selected the menu type I wanted, changed it to "never reencode" as suggested by Tsantee, and then attempted to select a scene from each movie for the menu. (Edit/find the scene you want/Set picture). For the fist movie it took Toast about 40 seconds to stop thinking about it and give me an image and allow me to click on play &/or find an image I wanted to use. For the second movie....the spinning color wheel never stops spinning and no image appears.....it is locked up....and so I have to "force quit" Toast and start over. After doing that several times I gave up...and skipped picking a scene for the second movie and just went to "Create an Image File". Even though I selected "never re encode" I notice in the prompt that it says "Encoding" while creating the Image file. When it gets to 22% done Toast crashes and everything stops. It's always at 22% when trying again. Same thing happens when I select "Automatic" on the encoding screen, BTW.... I'm afraid Toast still has some major bugs in it. Any help would be appreciated. Dan
  7. DrDanDDS

    Image File Not Recognized

    Tsantee, The mystery just became a little bit clearer. I just tried my BluRay disc on a different player in my home and it WORKS on that one (a Sony). The first player I tried it on was a Panasonic (that had audio but no video). So evidently it was in fact a good disc that was burned that first time....it's just funny about which player it gets played on. It also worked on the Roxio Video Player.
  8. DrDanDDS

    Image File Not Recognized

    Hi Tsantee, I got the multiple segments because I did not realize you could create multiple markers. I would mark off each segment and then export that clip back into EyeTV...minus the commercials. Thus I ended up with about 8 segments for the average Hallmark Christmas movie. I feel foolish now! I didn't realize I could continue click the marker button at the bottom and get several sets of markers. I figured out I could mark the commercial segments, them click on "Compact"...and EyeTV will remove those segments (the commercials)....and leave me with just the movie in a single file. That will save me loads of time since I was using iMovie to stitch together all 8 of those segments and then having to export that file back to Toast. BTW...I mounted the image file using Roxio player and both video AND sound are fine. No menu on is shown via the Roxio player .....but I guess that only happens when you actually burn the disc. Now since I know the image file is okay.....the question is why did the disc I burned have no video? The only images that showed were on the menu screen...but once you selected the movie.....all I got was a black screen with audio. Dan
  9. DrDanDDS

    Image File Not Recognized

    Thanks tsantee, This helps. I did edit out the commercials in EyeTV.....but that creates 8 segments of the movie....instead of just one file. When I transfer that into Toast....it creates 8 separate movies on the menu that way. For DVD's, that was fine because only one movie would fit anyway....and I skipped the menu altogether. But for BluRay....I can get TWO movies on a single disc....and would like to use the menu option with Toast. I wish there was some way to merge those 8 segments into a single movie file within Toast so it only shows up in the menu it creates as one movie. I had to merge those 8 segments using iMovie, then export it back to Toast so it was just "one movie" file. I did that for both movies.....and the menu looks great! I even picked out a scene from each film I like for the preview window on the menu screen. But as I said.....the sound is there....but no video. I'll try mounting the image file and preview it as you suggested and see if there's any video. I suspect the image file is faulty somehow. Thanks again...
  10. DrDanDDS

    Image File Not Recognized

    I just upgraded my Toast 10 Titanium to Toast 11 Titanium and also downloaded the Blu-Ray HD plug in. I have a new Mac Mini quad core i7 with 16 gigs of RAM, and an external USB3.0 LG 14X BluRay writer. I sometimes copy TV shows using EyeTV or my DVR that my cable company provides, and want to archive them on BluRay. My first attempt involved a couple of Christmas movies I had recorded using EyeTV. EyeTV will export to Toast seamlessly either an m4p file or Quicktime movie in HD. I understand that it's a good idea to have Toast create an Image file first, then burn from that in case something goes wrong...so that's what I did. I named the 2 movies I planned to put on a single BluRay disc as "Christmas Movies". The resultant file as seen in Finder is labeled "Christmas Movies.toast".....and the label beneath the name in Finder is "Master Image File". For whatever reason.....when I tried to drag and drop this Image file that Toast created back into Toast so I could burn the BluRay disc....I get an error message telling me it's an unrecognized format! How is that possible? I tried a work around by switching from the "Video" tab up top to "Copy". That screen accepted the image file, and sure enough....it burned the disc for me. However......the menu screens were okay.....but when you selected either movie.....there was sound but NO video. Obviously something didn't work. Any suggestions? Dan