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  1. I was able to burn my HD-DVD but I can't figure out how to view the final video. I only see two folders on the disc: 1) BHDV and 2) Certificate. Nothing within the folder seems to play the DVD. Is there some final formatting I need to do on the disc?? Please help!
  2. lisalisa04

    Toast 11 Freezing At 99% Completion

    Is that the only way to play it? I need to give these DVD's to clients who won't have that software. I was hoping they could play it on their computer or DVD player. Thanks again!
  3. lisalisa04

    Toast 11 Freezing At 99% Completion

    Thank you that seemed to work! The disc has completed however, I can't tell how to play the DVD on my computer. When I load the disc, there are 2 folders on the disc, BDMV and Certificate. Nothing within the folders seems to play the videos on the DVD. Any ideas?? Thanks for your help!
  4. lisalisa04

    Toast 11 Freezing At 99% Completion

    Every time I try to burn a HD-DVD Toast 11 freezes when it gets to 99% completed. I have a Mac OS X with all updates installed. I have Toast version 11.0.0. I just bought this and can't get it to work. I need to deliver DVD's to clients ASAP. Please help!!!