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  1. I was able to burn my HD-DVD but I can't figure out how to view the final video. I only see two folders on the disc: 1) BHDV and 2) Certificate. Nothing within the folder seems to play the DVD. Is there some final formatting I need to do on the disc?? Please help!
  2. lisalisa04

    Toast 11 Freezing At 99% Completion

    Every time I try to burn a HD-DVD Toast 11 freezes when it gets to 99% completed. I have a Mac OS X with all updates installed. I have Toast version 11.0.0. I just bought this and can't get it to work. I need to deliver DVD's to clients ASAP. Please help!!!
  3. lisalisa04

    Toast 11 Freezing At 99% Completion

    Is that the only way to play it? I need to give these DVD's to clients who won't have that software. I was hoping they could play it on their computer or DVD player. Thanks again!
  4. lisalisa04

    Toast 11 Freezing At 99% Completion

    Thank you that seemed to work! The disc has completed however, I can't tell how to play the DVD on my computer. When I load the disc, there are 2 folders on the disc, BDMV and Certificate. Nothing within the folders seems to play the videos on the DVD. Any ideas?? Thanks for your help!