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  1. Hate to say it but in the end I gave up and bought an Elgato, I have no issues with that since I bought it.
  2. Well it probably is a silly thing but when the PS3 is connected to the tv and roxio by the component cables and set up correctly I just leave my HDMI cable connected from PS3 to Tv although it is not set up on the PS3. I have just been too lazy to take it out, I will do so when I get home next, still on holiday.
  3. That is the video I watched to get it all set up. I think that when I get back home that I will try it all again with no HDMI cable connected so that it does not ask whether I want to use it or not. Do you think that the cables may also be the issue?
  4. I will message him and see what his problem is and let you know. It asks me every time I turn it on whether the Roxio is connected or not. I have the PS3 set as component and I just leave my HD cable in anyway. What I could try next is is to take out the HD cable so that it doesn't recognise it being in. That MAY stop the software from switching, It isn't the software that asks anything, it is the PS3, it says that a HDMI cable is connected and would I like to switch to HD from component. I could try what I mentioned above and see what that does. No they are not Sony Component cables. I do that anyway, it even actually states that in the tutorial. I have everything set up as it should be then turn the PS3 on.
  5. Well....no...haha! He has an xbox and he has some problems with his as well, not 100% sure what his issues are but I can find out if you wish?
  6. Hey Jim, My brother took the roxio with him for a few days before I got home from work so wasn't able to test anything. I looked the next day though for a DVD player and we don't have any left, we got rid of them all since we all have laptops and my PS3. I am away now for a week and a half on holiday. Have you got any other suggestions I can try when I get back home?
  7. Alright haha, thought it was going to be something more complex. I'll give that a go when I get home again tonight.......if I have a DVD player haha! I know I don't have BD Player, that is one thing we use the PS3 for
  8. Sorry forgot about that, can you maybe explain in a little more detail for me? Dumb it down a little haha
  9. Tried it all again Jim and again had no luck with it. Only registers as ready to record when it asks if I want to switch to HDMI. The rest of the time I get what you see in the attached pic. It is on that screen and constantly switches between component and HDMI. I really have no clue as to what is going on.
  10. No not yet, went to bed after sending that reply, at work right now. Will do it again when I get home and I won't take weeks this time like before
  11. Is it possible to use HDMI from PS3 to Roxio and Roxio to Laptop as the guide video said to use Component cables?
  12. Alright Jim, sorry again for the late reply. Huge amounts of college work where needed to be done and I didn't have time for gaming or anything. Finally got round to trying out your solution and it sadly did not work. I managed to get the "Start Capture" option but that was only when I turned the PS3 on and it came up with the message saying "HDMI is detected, would you like to change to this output?" After that the software says No Signal and is again constantly changing between HDMI and Component. It is really frustrating! Any other ideas? haha!
  13. What I mean by that is that I have read on the site somewhere that there is a charge for someone to help you with the products. I find this silly because you have paid to buy the product and if there is a fault with it then the least you can get out of the company is free help. paying £50 plus for a product then £20 plus for help because it doesn't work is a bit outrageous. Thankfully people like Jim are on the forums here to help us out. Cheers Jim, I will give this a go tomorrow and get back to you as soon as possible with my results. EDIT: IF all this works, when I come to recording will I NEED to record on that new account all the time?
  14. Hi Jim, Sorry it has been a while! I have done what you have said and that sadly did not fix the issue. I also uninstalled and re-installed the software and this as sadly done nothing either. Do you have any other suggestions on what I could do? It is very annoying because there is only a 14 day warranty on the product and this happened a few days after that ran out, also as far as I can see you have to pay for help outwith this forum which I find a very silly thing.
  15. That is great thanks, I will give it a try when I get home.