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    How To Stop Auto Renaming

    Its about mts (from Sony steadycam) or mov (form Canon DSLR) files that I have to convert to apple proress for fcp. I drag them into Toast. With the new version it immediately changes the names to the date etc. With the older versions it just kept the original file names intact, like I want it to be. Its about a hugh batch of files (approx. 100), so its no solution to manually rename the files back again.
  2. Piet22

    How To Stop Auto Renaming

    Sorry, I dont know why my post shows up like 20 times. Maybe the administrator can delete the clones Still waiting for an answer. Piet
  3. Piet22

    How To Stop Auto Renaming

    I've just installed the last update of Toast 10. This update has a new feature I really don't like :s When loading and converting video files, it picks the date of the file as the new name by default. I really don't need this auto renaming of my files when converting. How do I switch this off (like the older versions of Toast 10)? Hoping someone here has a quick answer, cause I have to start working on a project now. Thanks a lot! Piet