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    "auto Fill From Disc" In Labels

    Hi There, They are just live Grateful Dead concerts with 18-25 diferent songs that are each different tracts. Usually 3 cdr's full of music. I now have a new laptop computer that this does work on, so I am burning the cdr's on this one, and making the labels on the new one. I will try uninstalling the roxio and reinstalling to see if this corrects the problem. I will respond and let you know.
  2. Harkle

    "auto Fill From Disc" In Labels

    Hey There, They are just live Grateful Dead shows that I download from www.bt.etree.org. The songs are seperated and I have been burning these like this for many years without this problem. It has to be a setting somewhere in this computer, and I have been searching for it. I apreaciate your conversing with about this.
  3. Harkle

    "auto Fill From Disc" In Labels

    I have Roxio Creator 2012 Pro. I have been using this without any problems on another computer. I burn live Dead shows and delete them from my hard drive after I burn them. The only thing I save is a copy of the label, once I create it. On this computer, the tracks will not load in the labeling program, if that make sense. The cdr is fine, and plays the seperate tracts as well. Harkle
  4. Harkle

    "auto Fill From Disc" In Labels

    Thanks for the reply, I have been burning cdr's on another computer and making labels as well. That computer died and I switched to another computer. I burned a cdr with 10 tracks and it plays all 10 in a cd player. This computer will play all 10 as well. But, when I go to either label creator, and try to populate the tracks before I name them, they will not show up after I click "auto fill from disc" Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated. Harkle
  5. Once I burn a cdr, then go to create labels, I can't get the tracts to load into the label being created. What would cause this? MH