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    No Disc Loader In Roxio Nxt?

    But his is the Windows 8 way of mounting ISO, not Roxio so still there is a missing function that we pay for. /Henke
  2. Is it possible to uninstall the bundled WinDVD Pro 2010? Annoying to have to instances of WinDVD Pro....
  3. port513

    Creator Nxt Pro

    This is weird, I can't buy Corel WinDVD Pro 11. The site doesn't allow me to finish my shopping cart... And there is no way to contact Corel about it either...
  4. port513

    Creator Nxt Pro

    I have used Roxio since many years but this time it's a fresh install when I upgraded to Windows 8 Pro
  5. port513

    Creator Nxt Pro

    Just bought Creator NXT Pro to burn and watch Blu Rays, how I try I just get the message media not supported! Why?