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  1. The activation process for the Tivo with cable card and Comcast took over 3 hours (I started at 7:00pm and went to bed at 10:00pm with no channels yet, but the next morning all was good) from the time I activated it to the time all the channels were loaded and I could actually watch TV. I had done Guided Setup prior to getting the cable card and when I called I was specifically told that I MUST redo the guided setup from scratch (and if I had the Tivo for more than 2 weeks that I would need to select "delete everything" so that there are no random bits on the hard drive to corrupt the new settings. But, with the cable card installed and completing guided setup again just me no installer or anything (just the activation line), it just took a insane amount of time before channels were viewable. I also had an issue with my router and cable modem (ala comcast) that I needed to reboot all of them in addition to the Tivo. The odd thing is now I occasionally get shows downloaded that are in my subscription list rather than being recprded as they are broadcast.
  2. A couple questions. When you received the cable card did you tell the cable company they were for a Tivo? If no, then they didn't set up the card to transfer unprotected content. IE: Comcst (my cable provider) will allow you to transfer most (non premium) content, but programs on Pay Channels (HBO, etc) are protected and can't be transferred. You can confirm if it's an issue with Tivo transfer or the box by going to the IP address of the box in your web browser with the prefix of https:// (example: the user name is tivo and the password is the media access key for the tivo box (found in the settings screen of the tivo) If the shows are present and downloadable there will be a link at the right hand side to download them or the red no access marker.
  3. wizbang_fl

    Toast 11 Titanium = Useless

    Ever since Corel acquired Roxio it's gone steadily down hill. Based on Corel's website and the general response to Toast 10 and now 11 issues I don't think they are doing little if any development beyond marketing.