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    Roxio Gamecap Hd Pro Software Resets My Pc!

    This issue was caused by a burnt out 12v ATX extension, have replaced the psu everything works fine now
  2. ok folks, i'm just querying the possibilities which could be causing my i5-2300 Sandybridge Rig to reset itself almost immediately after i initiate the capture software on my Windows 7 PC.. this is a new problem which only started yesterday - but is happening EVERY time i attempt to get a cap screen up.. and it's getting VERY irritating Things that didn't work Reinstalling / Repairing Roxio HD Pro software - tried it System Restore back to 20th Jan dodgy USB connections - all secure and working normally Things that happened recently Of note is a recent AMD Catalyst update (13.11) which i did on Saturday which affects the GPU drivers, i haven't investigated this avenue yet but i'm thinking the timing coincidence of the update and this problem are worth investigation... Anyway here's my PC Specs i5-2300 @ 3467mhz (25C idle & 50C load) Asus P67-LE Motherboard XMS 2 x 4GB DDR3 @ 1600mhz Sapphire HD7770 Ghz 1GB (27-32C idle, 43C load) 800w PSU Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit