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    No Signal (Green)

    I just brought it back to the store and got my money back. It seems there is something wrong with the in and output because I have used 4 different HDMI cables and a different pc, what I mean from my desk to the ground is that I needed more space on my desk for my tablet for PhotoShop so I moved it to the floor.
  2. Timm

    No Signal (Green)

    Hello everyone, my name is Tim and i have the following product (Roxio Game Capture HD Pro). Everything was working fine untill I placed my computer from my desk to the ground, when I start up the program and click on the big Capture button it starts normally but it says No signal in green bold font, my cables are connected to the roxio HD capture device but the only light that also is on is just the power light, not the HDMI or YrBrPr. I have tried to update the software but there isnt any update and also tried to re-install the software with no succes, I have tried google, youtube and even support to find a solution for this problem but with no luck. I hope one of you guys/gurls can help me with this. PS: I have read that you have to install the software without the cable connected to your pc I did that but also with no luck. Tim