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    Installation Not Accepting Cd Key

    I took the software back to our local Best Buy and politely explained the situation to the customer service rep. Even mentioning that I tried to contact the software's tech support (which is impossible) via website for a new cd due to the installation problem. I did ask for the 'geek squad' to verify the error I was getting on both my XP and Win 7 system to show it was a problem with how the software was bundled. Her response was that I was outside their 30-day return window - they could not take it back or exchange it. Still being polite, I asked to speak with a manager which was at least a 10 minute wait before the same rep returned with a 1-800 to call and that the 'geek squad' could still try to load the software, but there would be no return or exchange. Never did get to speak with the store's manager, I guess they were too busy hiding in the back, and the 1-800 number she gave me was out of service.
  2. rjsj

    Installation Not Accepting Cd Key

    You are correct in that during installation the Product key format asked for is xx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx but the CD Key on the disc envolpe is in the format as xxxxxx-xxxxxx:xx-xx software was bought off the software shelf at our local Best Buy. I double checked all guides and equipment within the red box and the only key to be found is the cd key. you are correct in saying tech support is difficult (i'd say impossible) to get at from their website.
  3. I hope this is the correct forum... Recently bought the Easy LP to MP3 from local store and when installing it asks for a Product key. The cd key on the software envelope does not match the format of the product key and it will not install. Tried different ways to enter cd key and watched the letters vs numbers errors. Hit Roxio's website and cannot find an easy way to get any support, even calling the support number which directed me back to the website. Has anyone experienced this or found an easy way to get tech support?
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  6. need product key for easy lp to mp3