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  1. ehSnax

    Can I Capture 1920X1080 60P ?

    I believe it needs to be 1080i to record 60 frames per second, and only records 60 fps from component input signal unfortunately
  2. ehSnax

    Signal Protected Ps3

    Like above poster said, PlayStation 3's HDMI signal is protected by HDCP so you can't record it. Gotta use component. However, I've heard of a trick to remove the HDCP encoding by using an HDMI > DVI cable into a DVI to HDMI box, and then outputted HDMI signal from that doesn't have HDCP. You'll need an optical cable as well to get the sound working since DVI does not carry sound.
  3. ehSnax

    Strange Cpu Usage

    Having some more problems with the Roxio not at all similar to before, though... I've solved my earlier issues by uninstalling Roxio completely instead of just repairing it, and freshly installing it WITHOUT the service pack and no longer had issues with it completely stopping to detect signal.. so that much is working. Lately I've noticed another issue. I had some glitchy captures the other day and adjusted some NVIDIA settings that seem to have helped, but I noticed while monitoring performance while recording that CPU usage was really peculiar and quite inconsistent. Sometimes it gets very close to 100% CPU usage and I'm wondering if that might be causing some of the issues like it suddenly stopping responding (which I don't notice until after thinking I recorded several clips since I have my PC and Xbox into the same monitor and use F6 and F7 to start & stop capture since I cant see the PC screen at the same time) I just recorded 2 things back to back in separate files. The first recording, CPU usage was around 78% for most of it. The second recording CPU usage was only at 35% roughly. After completing the second recording, now on idle with a still image being fed to it, it lingers at around 75% CPU usage. Why would the CPU usage of the program be so drastically different when recording with the exact same settings in basically the same circumstances, and then why would it idle at 75% when it is clearly capable of recording with only 35% CPU usage? I don't have the most modern CPU but it well meets the requirements: Core 2 Quad @ 2.4GHz also 4GB of RAM. Any ideas if it's something on my end or a bug I should let the fellas at Roxio know about or if it's even something that's likely to be tied to issues?
  4. ehSnax

    Constant Freezing, Will Not Quit

    It's a problem with the hardware then?
  5. ehSnax

    Capturing In Above 360P

    So the raw file before being edited is 1280x720 resolution? And if so, you export it as "Same as Original"?
  6. ehSnax

    Capturing In Above 360P

    Do you export to a file or upload to YouTube directly from the program? You should probably export the video from VideoWave as "Same as Original" and in MovieMaker whatever the 720p option is, I forget. Uploading directly to YouTube from editing programs in my experience always results in undesirable resolutions and quality lesser than what you get from uploading a file.
  7. ehSnax

    Constant Freezing, Will Not Quit

    That should have been enough information given what was said earlier within this thread to draw what I'm talking about. The software barely works (it gets past having everything greyed out) when HDMI input is NOT plugged into the device. Then I get the blue screen in the capture software which you get whenever there is no input signal. But the options and dropdown menus and everything are clickable. The second I plug in the HDMI input, the program stops responding and must be closed. ____ Here's how it goes down: - I start up the Capture program, and everything is greyed out except the quality slider when HDMI is auto-selected. - If I have nothing plugged into the Roxio Game Capture HDMI input, or if I adjust the quality slider, it sets the input to Component at which point I get the blue screen and everything is clickable. - If I switch the input back to HDMI from the dropdown menu or plug HDMI input back in, the program instantly gives me a popup saying it's stopped working and must be closed. So for some reason it is just having problems with HDMI input. I've tried from multiple HDMI sources to no avail.
  8. ehSnax

    Constant Freezing, Will Not Quit

    It works (barely) when I don't have HDMI input plugged into it. As soon as I plug in HDMI input, the capture program stops responding. The signal is fine from it though, I can plug it into my monitor or into an HDMI switch and have no issues.
  9. ehSnax

    A Bundle Of Errors I Can't Fathom!

    I'm getting that problem you show in the first picture where everything is greyed out and it says no signal.
  10. ehSnax

    Constant Freezing, Will Not Quit

    No luck... do you know of any free 3rd party programs I can try in place of the Roxio capture software to determine if there's a problem with the program or with the hardware?
  11. ehSnax

    Constant Freezing, Will Not Quit

    Okay, ran the repair and now after rebooting and hooking everything back up, every single button is greyed out in the Capture software and it doesn't detect a signal.. -__- Annnd it stops working every time I start it now so I have to keep closing it. Ugh, more problems constantly popping up
  12. ehSnax

    Constant Freezing, Will Not Quit

    I will make sure to try this, sorry for the late reply. I haven't had these problems too bad in the past couple days now, but for some reason today it seems to have a 50% chance of recording at like 4 fps instead of 30. I recorded some gameplay earlier, and the first 2 turned out at 3-5 fps or something, unusable. And then awhile later, I recorded 2 more gameplay videos. The first of these turned out fine, 30 fps, and then the second which was started about 20 seconds after the first one finished with no settings or anything changed in between turned out again at a very low framerate (unusable). The whole ~25 minute video is like this. edit: Apparently the file just appears to be at 3-5 fps. Both when I watch the M2TS and when I pull it into the editor it's really slow, but the uploaded result to YouTube had regular framerates. I don't understand why this would be and why this only happens on *some* of the files when I'm not changing anything in between them.
  13. ehSnax

    Constant Freezing, Will Not Quit

    It finally quit and now I've restarted my computer... started up Roxio Gamecapture HD Pro capture software and now won't detect any signal. It's still passing through the signal to my monitor but the capture program doesn't see that HDMI is connected and doesn't even give the option to select either HDMI or Component input.
  14. ehSnax

    Constant Freezing, Will Not Quit

    Ever since I got this thing a month ago I've had nothing but issues with the software, both the capture and editing software. The capture software *usually* works but every now and then it just doesn't work for the day and I get nothing but freezing. For the editing software it's just generally very very sluggish and freezes a lot. 30 minutes ago the capture software decided to freeze shortly after opening, and I pressed End Task.. and IT STILL HASN'T QUIT. Here are my system specs in case they are relevant: Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.4GHz 4GB RAM GTX 560 Windows 8-64 bit