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    Upgrading My Pc, Transferring Files Etc.

    Well with the 360 (1080p) and PS3 (720p) it records 30fps and PS4 records 60fps @720p. You can definitely tell theres a lot more going on the screen with this generation compared to the last with the screen looking a lot more crisp as well
  2. SuperCrumbler

    Upgrading My Pc, Transferring Files Etc.

    I mean I've done all I can for airflow. All I can think is that my computer isn't strong enough to run the Roxio HD for the PS4. It works with the Xbox 360 and PS3 but for some reason the PS4 just glitches out after a while.
  3. SuperCrumbler

    Upgrading My Pc, Transferring Files Etc.

    Also I should have explained the issues I meant were for capturing footage e.g. after a certain amount of time the footage would glitch out and have some sort of static when recording with the audio going bad and video not being view able at all.
  4. SuperCrumbler

    Upgrading My Pc, Transferring Files Etc.

    I'll have a look for the disc but I don't think I'll be able to find it, is there anything I can do without it?
  5. So I'm gonna be upgrading my computer pretty soon and am switching OS to 64 bit instead of 32, 4gb ram to 16gb ram and more. This will probably let me use Roxio HD without issues on my PS4 but I'm wondering if transferring files will encounter any issues when trying to use the application. I have my CD Key but no Disc if I am required to install again
  6. SuperCrumbler

    Livestreaming Audio Control?

    So I've connected my microphone and the game audio comes through fine but it's too loud. Is there anyway to turn the volume down for the game audio as I've tried doing it from the TV itself, hasn't worked.
  7. SuperCrumbler

    Youtube 60Fps?

    Anyone aware of any render settings on videowave which allow 60fps when uploaded on YouTube?
  8. SuperCrumbler

    Ps4 Capture Glitches

    Desktop man, and it is in the open however I can see how that would be a problem considering my bedroom is in the loft.
  9. SuperCrumbler

    Ps4 Capture Glitches

    15-20 minutes recording it starts usually.
  10. SuperCrumbler

    Ps4 Capture Glitches

    I try to record my PS4 game play and funnily enough it keeps glitching after a certain amount of time. I have no idea how to fix this issue.
  11. SuperCrumbler

    Ps4 Update?

    Sorry if I missed something it's just that the Roxio website said that it supports Xbox One and soon will support PS4
  12. SuperCrumbler

    Ps4 Update?

    Now I understand that the Roxio HD will have an update so we can use it on the PS4, but I'm merely wondering exactly when this update will be?
  13. SuperCrumbler

    Problem With Roxio Hd

    ​Hello i recently bought the roxio hd pro, and i installed it and plugged it in, and it shows on HDMI on my screen but it has no signal in red on the media capture. BTW i'm using the same monitor for both