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  1. Thank you for replying. At least you took the time to respond. Regarding your response, I think you've been drinking the Roxio Koolaid for too long (given your post count). The "Industry Standard" comment is laughable. I am a software developer and I've worked with 100+ software companies over the years. Roxio is the first one to disallow downloads of binaries after 30 days. I completely understand not wanting to support old versions (if you must say that 2012 is old) but disallowing downloads is ridiculous. We allow downloads of old versions of our own software long after we end support. All it costs us is a bit of bandwidth. For example: I can log onto my MSDN account and download MS-DOS (if you can believe that) or any version of any software that I have purchased. For that matter, a simple Google search can point a user to a number of locations that allow download of the Roxio binaries (all illegal I assume). Since I actually paid for the software (one of the few), I expect to be able to download it again without having to pay a "download fee". My license key should be what allows or disallows installs. I guess I will be stuck having to pay to re-download it. They should be ashamed.
  2. I recently reformatted my computer and I forgot to save a copy of the installer. I kept the keys, but I didn't have the actual installer binary. I went through the proper channels to re-download the software from Digital River. They sent me an email telling me its been over 30 days since I bought it and I could pay to extend the download period. It's 2013 and a software company charges registered user to re-download the software that they paid for. Please tell me that I am misunderstanding something. I hope so.